Creative Outsource Team

Your Own Design Team

A new way to lower down expense and increase profits.

Pixelgeometry Design Studio offers several major advantages as an outsourcing services partner. Our highly experienced creative design team makes sure that your plan remains realistic and achievable throughout and on time delivery.

Our in-house processes and IT systems are designed to safeguard the confidentiality and security of your business data.

If you want to outsource project work, look no further.  Pixelgeometry Design Studio works as per strict ISO standards to ensure we uphold all contractual agreements and your satisfaction for all planning deliverables and delivery schedules.

Together with our uncompromising levels of quality, you will find our outsourced business plan services to be very affordable. Many of our customers realize considerable savings in both time and money as compared to using in-house resources when they utilize our offsite business plans.


Quality and Trust combine with a Dedicated Design and Development Team.

We work as your backend design Team. No need to have Inhouse team and softwares to work. 

Just concentrate on your business by engaging more and more clients while we take care of all design and development part.



Our Simple and yet robust methadology process  and tools to ensure rapid  submission and delivery of Job.

All Deliveries are taken on high priority, time bound and with quality.

We deliver everything on time and quickly.


Far better than In-house team, monthly salaries and hassle to manage people. 

We work as your backend design and development team to ensure more profits to you, while engaging more customers.


Briefing and Consultation

Fill up the Brief form Or just email your requirements to

We can be available on Live Zoom or Google Meet meeting if you want as per US hours.

Verification and Job allocation

Once your team confirms the brief, then it will be forwarded to our Workflow team to take it further.

Each Job will be allocated to designers or developers based on project specifications.

Design and Development

Our team starts works on your request immediately. Jobs are checked for quality throughout the process.

We design and develope the Job on time and deliver it after quality check.

Invoice are only raised after you are satisfied with the Job.

Quality inspection and Delivery

Designs are cross-checked for quality and correctness with the original brief.

Your order is delivered by our client service team in our proofing tool, or into your own systems. We do revisions as and when required by your team.

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