3 Ways To Reduce Stress By Strategic Thinking And Improve Your Health

3 Ways To Reduce Stress By Strategic Thinking And Improve Your Health

Do you know that chronic stress can lead to negative health consequences like heart disease, cancer and obesity? One way you can modify the consequences is through strategic thinking. Do you think strategically? Are you able to calm down after your first impulsive thought and weigh the pros and cons of your thoughts before you take action?

One way you can increase your ability to think in a less negative or less impulsive manner, would be to learn how to take responsibility for your thoughts. While it is easy to blame others for your fear and anxiety, deep down, you know that no one can tell you what to think or control how you react to your thinking. When you begin to take more responsibility for your thoughts, you’ll have less of a tendency to blame others or get stressed out when things don’t quite go as expected! ace

How can you do this? Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. You can learn how to act as the gatekeeper to stream of subconscious thoughts that flow into your conscious experience. Some of these thoughts may based on negative outcomes, your doubts about your ability to succeed or your fears and anxieties. These thoughts can stress you out, unless you are able to see a concrete reality that you can control or influence.

The second way you can develop more health protecting strategic thinking is to avoid negative people. Negative people can ruin your best laid plans by their doubts and projections of negative outcomes.. They can feed the fire of self-doubt and anxiety, and rob you of your confidence. Avoid them,

The third way to develop strategic thinking and cut down on stress and improve your health is by starting stress elimination journal or creative journal. This will help you see which thoughts and actions have been most helpful to you and which ones did not help at all. You’ll see what went wrong with your thoughts and make it easier for to improve. It will also help you to stay more focused on getting positive results. A habit of consistent creative journaling will help you learn how to stop thinking the worst about every situation, and lower your anxiety and stress level by being practical about possible outcomes.

When you accept the reality that you can strategically manage your thoughts, you will become more prepared to deal with stress and minimize its related adverse health outcomes like high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity and cancer!

Source by Chio Ugochukwu
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