5 Little Known Ways to Reduce Expenses Without Shopping More Or Bargain Hunting

5 Little Known Ways to Reduce Expenses Without Shopping More Or Bargain Hunting

Of all the hundreds of ingenious business ideas, systems and inventions I’ve seen and used… this one simple idea is by far the best of the best. One idea with a “loophole” that I can use to my advantage.

And one you can use too…

Worth Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To You If You Use It.

In fact, this loophole makes it both possible and 100% legal to use fake money – as useless in the “real world” as Monopoly money – to buy real products and real services for your business (even high quality products and services that cost a fortune) for just 20 cents on the dollar or less.

In other words…

If something you want for your business retails at $100, you get it for only $20.

If something for your business retails at $1,000, you get it for $200.

If something for your business retails at $20,000,you get it for just $2,000.

And so on.

By using this loophole, you too can buy the things you need at a fraction of the price. This is a savings of thousands of dollars, just by simply using a simple idea…The Barter System.

Barter is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry where literally every kind of business you can think of – in almost every industrialized country in the world – does business in a large network called a “barter exchange”. These exchanges are huge buying clubs, where all the different member businesses are automatically inclined to buy from one another.

And here’s what’s interesting:

These businesses do not buy and sell from each other with regular “government circulated” money.

Instead, they use “trade credits” – which are actual currency, just like a U.S. dollar bill is currency – but it can only be spent within the barter club.

So it’s like a giant “Monopoly” game. You can only spend Monopoly money within the game itself. But outside the game…

It’s Completely Worthless.

Source by Michael Senoff
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