6 Unusual Niches for Coaches (Learn How YOUR Life Experience CAN Make You Rich)

6 Unusual Niches for Coaches (Learn How YOUR Life Experience CAN Make You Rich)

Think you’ve got to be a business coach to build a hyper profitable business helping others succeed?

Think again! The little known SECRET about coaching niches is that while the BIG ones can all of the press and media attention, there is far less competition for some hyper profitable niches that pay AMAZING money, and that many of you reading this right now can literally launch from home in a weekend. (and on a bootstrap budget to boot)

Let me give you a quick example.

I have 2 subscribers and clients in my own business consulting community who are both very well known in their fields. The first is a “high profile” business coach who works with online entrepreneurs and offline executives. He makes GREAT money, and loves what he does. But… he also has tons of competition and works 60 hours a week to keep his “name” at the top of the totem pole of online “guru’s” in the coaching space.

The other client is well known in her field… but very UNKNOWN in the general population. She earns more than 50% MORE per hour than the business coach does, works fewer hours and has a waiting list of 6 months plus at any given moment in time.

She is a SPIRITUAL coach who does a very specialized type of counseling (she calls herself as a psychic medium), is loved by her friends, fans and followers, and is truly living the life she dreamed. (she’s also made a “convert” out of me, a lifelong skeptic and agnostic on spiritual matters:-)

The reason I point out the above is very simple. If you have life experience and an area of expertise where others need help, guidance or even a gentle nudge in the direction of THEIR dreams, you can parlay that sense of purpose and PASSION into perpetual piles of profit by learning to coach.

Here are 7 obscure, unusual but REAL life coaching niches that I currently have clients, readers and subscribers who are not only earning a full time income doing, but that are also fun, fulfilling, meaningful and often make a REAL difference in the communities in which they practice.

For example?

1 – Meditation Coaching. With “mindfulness” being all of the rage these days, the marketplace for meditation coaches has NEVER been a more exciting one to pursue. Not only can you earn amazing money, but you can make change people’s quality of life for the better to boot!

Here are 6 more!

2 – Smoking cessation coaching (i have a client who not only coaches in this space, he has built a whole product line and a vibrant community of folks who are trying to “quit” based on his simple 7 step smoking cessation system that worked wonderfully well for him)

3 – Diet/Weight Loss Coaching. Weight loss is a HUGE niche (no pun intended:-) and helping people sculpt their bodies, get healthy and improve their self confidence and self esteem is one of the most rewarding careers there is. (my best friend does this for a LIVING, most days from home… and on the phone, and loves “going” to work every and contributing to the health, happiness and wellbeing of his community as well)

4 – Pet coaching. Don’t laugh – this is a VERY lucrative industry. Another former client took his love for German Shepherds and parlayed it into a very profitable business and a rock star persona in his local community as a result.

5 – Retirement coaching! Are you retired and looking for something new to do? Become a retirement coach and help others transition into this incredibly important phase of life. This is a huge and incredibly overlooked market with tons of anxiety, fear and even a phobic demographic that can use your help.

6 – Recovery coaching. This is another HUGE and underserved niche with many wealthy people who need help, but won’t go to public meetings or reach out to their family and friends in their moments of greatest need. I have a subscriber who has no less than 10 major executives who are clients in a recovery coaching curriculum, and for each paying client he takes, he gives BACK by taking on 2 more who can’t afford to pay, but who desperately want to quit.

The truth is, if you have experience, energy, enthusiasm and expertise and a genuine desire to share… you CAN succeed as a coach, and do meaningful work that changes lives as well!

Source by Alexa Ross
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