A Part of a Journey Within and Without – Self Improvement

A Part of a Journey Within and Without – Self Improvement

I prepared my resume after my engineering and in the “hobbies” section; I had mentioned that I like reading “self-help” books. One of my friends commented on it saying that you should not mention that in your resume, since this may mean that you are not confident enough and you take the support of self-help books all the time. Well, I did not understand the logic behind this, but then I removed it from my resume.

I prefer self improvement books over the novels and real life stories. I love reading autobiographies. This is something different than others of my generation. Or it is possible that I do not have people like me around, people that have interests like me. Does that mean that I should change my interests?

I read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” at some point in my life. I could not understand the story I read it the first time. Not news! But all I could get is that there is something inside it about me. So I read it again; and then used to read it again when I used to feel less confident about things in life. The story really inspired me a lot in my life. At some place I used to relate myself with him because he had different interests and since he remained with himself, understood his interests and likes, he got people like him one day.

Same thing happened with me. I enjoyed reading self-help books. They really helped me. The books and the association have made a different personality today, different than the ones of my age. This difference has impacted my career a lot.

My life is different today. I can see things that others cannot. The things have made my life much better than it could have been. The perspective towards life has really changed now. It was not so easy. I had to fight within. Wining the fight within has made me win every time in my life.

When you are alone in the journey, you really feel bad, you feel very bad. But once you keep moving on and on, people join you. Some follow you and choose you to be their leader! The point to be taken care of here is that you should be confident at this point that you are on the correct path. If you are not confident you are doing wrong with the people who trust you and who have chosen to follow you.

Britt association has given me this faith. This association, CDs and books have given me the power and confidence that I can lead. I am on the right path and I can take people to the right path. I was lesser confident about this at work and I used to feel very bad when I used to direct people to the path where I was less confident about. But life is great now! All the answers are here and life is phenomenal to live with new challenges and wonderful fights (first from within!)

Source by Nazia Hirani
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