Adjustable, Retractable, Anchor Pivoting Dog Leash

Adjustable, Retractable, Anchor Pivoting Dog Leash

About five years ago my niece gave my wife and I her little Pomeranian Mojo because she knows how much we love dogs and she was unable to take Mojo to where her family was moving. So Mojo joined our family which included a 35lb gentle dog named Ebony. Mojo had lost her entire right front leg in an accident as a pup.

Ebony has always been good with this little dog, when Mojo wants to play she will stand on her hind legs and poke Ebony in the nose with her remaining paw, so Ebony will chase her around for awhile then lay down and let Mojo beat up on her for a bit. Mojo and Ebony both love the outdoors. At that time we were living in a house in town with a 16’x20′ lawn, we had a cable that hooked to an anchor at the center of the lawn (a fence was not an option).

Mojo liked the limited freedom but was afraid of the cable dragging on the ground; she would sometimes trip over it. One day I was watching her as she was playing, the cable seemed to limit her freedom to use the whole lawn for fear of tripping over it. Then an idea came to me, why not create a retractable leash that can be attached to an anchor and be able to pivot, in the center of the lawn, a way for Mojo to utilize the whole area without worrying about tripping over the cable. I also wanted to be able to detach the leash and take the dogs for a walk; a more versatile concept. I took this idea to a patent lawyer who put me in touch with a gentleman that added the adjustable concept to this leash.

So Adapt-O-Leash and Daisy Anchor was created. Now you don’t have to worry about getting dog waste and other unpleasant things from the ground on your hands or cord. It is a much safer way to anchor your pet while you sit and enjoy. Now we have a way to keep our Mojo and Ebony going. Mojo is a much happier little dog now, as is Ebony. This leash can handle up to 35 lbs, so far.

Other great uses for this leash; Fence free roaming while Camping, at the park, at the beach; or just plain walking your dog.

Source by Terry Simpson
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