Are You Interested In Becoming A Life Coach?

Are You Interested In Becoming A Life Coach?

If you are interested in becoming a life coach I would say great! It is an incredibly rewarding profession, you are able to create the lifestyle you want, and you get to experience people achieving great results in their lives.

Being a coach is not for everybody though, and firstly you need to think about whether you possess the characteristics required to be a great coach:

o Are you good at listening? Not just everyday listening but at a deep level?

o Would you have the ability to put your own issues aside to focus on your clients needs?

o Can you take a non judgmental approach?

o Are you able to turn challenges into opportunities?

o Are you able to offer different perspectives to situations?

You also need to think about whether self employment is really the path you want to go down, because it can bring its own uncertainty and challenges.

Consider these:

o Will you keep your current job whilst you work on becoming a coach?

o How much money do you have set aside if you decide to quit your day job?

o How will partners and children be affected by your new venture?

o Do you have a space where you can work from which will suit you?

o How will you make time for self care? This is so vital as you build your business

o Make sure you get the support you need through the process, hire your own coach.

o Do you have the resilience and positivity to keep you going through the challenges?

The reality of being a coach is that we have to create our own pay packet, we have to go out there and market ourselves as coaches, and we have to let people know we are here. Some people make great coaches but they are not great at marketing themselves, which is vital to attracting clients.

The good news is that if you do decide to become a coach and go ahead with getting the training and setting up your business, there is a wealth of information and support out there from people who really do know how to market their coaching business. The coaching world is full of incredibly supportive people, what I have found in my journey as a coach is that you can learn to market yourself without feeling as though you are hard selling, and if you reach out there are always people to learn from.

Source by Sophie Hainsworth
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