AshMax Business Opportunity – Brilliant Fraud Scheme Or Legitimate Online Home Based Business?

AshMax Business Opportunity – Brilliant Fraud Scheme Or Legitimate Online Home Based Business?

What is AshMax

AshMax is a business opportunity created by Ash Musharef, by combining two other successful multi level marketing companies in their own right: GDI a web site hosting company and FTS a rebate program provider.

The products GDI and FTS:

1. GDI (Global Domain International) a web site and domain registry host company, is a fast growing network marketing business based in California. Nowadays, almost everybody needs a web site, either for personal or professional reason. That fact alone makes this home based business idea marketable and appealing.

2. FTS (Freeway to Success) a home business online opportunity offers discount to a variety of stores. For example, at $10, FTS offers a $25 gift certificate for a meal in participating restaurants. With the high price of eating out, everybody looks for ways to save. Other products include how-to guides, eBooks, kits.

The opportunity:

The products make this work at AshMax home business opportunity very exiting. It is the perfect online business because it appeals to a world wide audience. No inventory needed. The entire work at home business can be conducted online. Furthermore, It has one of the cheapest start up investment around, with $25 to start and $15 a month.

The compensation plan:

AshMax compensation plan is based on a 5×5 matrix structure. Each participant sponsors at least 5 people into AshMax. The matrix fills up at 3905 people, generating $22,300 each month for the subscriber. Some will say, too good to be true. I understand. I really do, because I said it too. But, hello! The investment is ONLY $15 a month, for one of the best home based business.

The challenge:

Let’s consider the 20 days challenge in this opportunity: Each subscriber has 20 days to register 5 new subscribers. Then he/she will retire, making $22,300 a month. He/she can recruit online, or by talking to his/her friends and families. After 20 days, if he/she is not successful. He/She is deleted from the AshMax database and looses his/her account. Financially, he/she would loose $30( $20 with GDI and $10 with FTS).

One challenge that came up with the flow of business is the ability to sustain the rapid growth of the company. Some technical issues were voiced by subscribers frustrated by the handling of the flow of adherents. The leadership of AshMax recently promised relief with an overall upgrade of their web site.

My opinion:

Over the years, I have been involved in only some few (3) network marketing companies. I make sure I choose the top of the line. One of my criteria for choosing a multi-level company is: can the opportunity be carried totally online. I want to cater to a larger market than my friends and family. AshMax business opportunity fits that mold, making it very attractive. To put my money where my mouth is, I will be taking the 20 days challenge. And I will keep you posted… To be followed in 3 weeks.

Source by Bonny Sahouin
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