Book Review of Who’s There by Dimas Rio

Book Review of Who’s There by Dimas Rio

Offering horror fans a literate concoction of brief yet creatively posed stories woven with a supernatural bent throughout, Who’s There? by author Dimas Rio does well to stimulate the imagination with his collection of Asian culture-centric, eclectic shorts each sure to pique the interest as well as tingle the spine.

Firstly, Author Dimas beguiles the reader with solid storytelling with the title story, Who’s There? which is also my personal favorite. This well-honed tale brings the reader along on a creepy journey through the guilt-ridden conscience of an alcoholic, drug-addicted and particularly egocentric man whose dark psyche leads him into the cold wet embrace of his fianc√©.

Continuing the chills is story 2, titled At Dusk within which a high school magazine reporter embarks on an assignment to interview a celebrity mystery writer who shares the ultimate ghost story to his captive, and earnest yet unsuspecting audience of one.

Next, story 3 The Wandering entangles with horror as a forgotten lover comes from the grave to visit bringing retribution in red.

Then story 4 The Voice Canal, touches the heart as the border between reality and the supernatural become blurred when love keeps the lines of communication open briefly between a deceased father and his bereaved son.

And last but not least, story 5 The Forest Protector, has an abused mother and son leave behind an unhappy and brutal past with the mother casting her eyes toward an uncertain future, but with a renewed perspective concerning the nature of humanity and her duty as a protective mother.

Altogether, Who’s There brings a satisfyingly dark, terrifying and even melancholic read that will keep the hackles up. An interesting addition to some stories is the inclusion of intriguingly creepy poetic verses that do well to add fuel to the already articulately coherent horror shorts. A literate roving into Asian based horror, the five included stories within this compilation wields not only effectively chilling tales, featuring elements of the Indonesian supernatural culture that shines with author Dimas’ adept ability at storytelling wrought with scene defining details, well-plotted twists and turns in the story which keeps the reader fascinated throughout the reading. Also further enhancing the read is the perspective of terror stemming from another culture, offering a unique take on fear-inducing scenarios which overall did well to make the read especially engaging.

Ultimately, what grabs the attention within Who’s There is the increasingly creepy build-up of tension and terror throughout each story within the whole book, and if you enjoy settling in for a titillating collection of satisfying scary shorts then surely this book should be next on your “want to read” list.

Source by Lisa Brown Gilbert
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