Coaching Employees in the Workplace for Improved Performance

Coaching Employees in the Workplace for Improved Performance

Workplace coaching can be defined as the process of providing employees with the right guidance, tools, techniques. knowledge, and opportunities that they require to fully develop themselves and to tap into their dormant potential so that they can be more productive and effective and outperform at work.

In today’s highly competitive business world, the most important asset of any company is human capital. Tens, hundreds or thousands of employees that make up the workforce of a company are the most essential contributors towards profits, growth and success. Improving employee efficiency and performance are therefore major priorities for any company. With this growing need to continually boost employees’ productivity, workplace coaching has become very popular among companies. This type of coaching is the best method to empower employees and thus contributing to organizational effectiveness.

Some companies have employee coaching provided by qualified and trained managers, team leaders and executives while others hire professional coaches regularly to provide coaching for their employees. Most coaching sessions are conducted individually but in certain cases, coaching can also be conducted in small groups.

The role of a coach is to help employees improve self-awareness, set and clarify goals, work toward them, and improve specific aspects of performance. Coaching is normally split into several sessions and the sessions between the coach and the employee are typically structured and scheduled and focus on specific developmental issues and on achieving goals. The goals for the different employees vary and may include learning to become more confident and assertive, better manage time, understanding and managing emotions, unlock dormant potential to outperform, overcoming limiting beliefs, improving communication skills, managing stress, removing roadblocks, improving work relationships, effectively delegate, amongst others.

There are several benefits that employees experience when they are properly coached. Some of them are as follows:

• Improvement in individual performance.

• Increase in self-confidence.

• Greater motivation.

• Increase in employee and staff engagement.

• Employees feel empowered to excel.

• Employees achieve goals more easily.

• Improvement in job and life satisfaction.

• Better work-life balance.

• Work better under pressure and mange stress more effectively.

• Employees contribute more effectively to the team and the company.

• Better work relationships and more cooperation.

• Employees become more solution-oriented and action-oriented.

• Develop better problem-solving skills.

• Employees take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments.

• Communicate more effectively.

Successful coaching helps employees unlock their hidden potential and outperform at work. When employees perform better, they add value to their companies by giving their best and these companies benefit in terms of increased profitability, growth and greater success.

Source by Priya Deelchand
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