Decoding the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan – How Does the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan Work?

Decoding the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan – How Does the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan Work?

Like many network marketing companies, Pre-Paid Legal has a compensation plan that appears to be written in another language. It’s a bit tough to figure out upon first glance, but this is a decoded version of the complex plan. The goal for any network marketer considering joining a new opportunity should first be to fully understand the company’s compensation plan, and determine if there is truly an opportunity there to make money.

The Basics of the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan

The basic package offered by Pre-Paid Legal costs $26 per month to the end user. With this, they receive a myriad of types of assistance with legal issues, ranging from moving traffic violations to will and estate planning.

For selling this basic membership, representatives earn between $50 and $182.50, depending on the level you are at in the company. This number seems quite high for a simple sell of a $26 package, but the key is that this is a recurring payment. Instead of a one-time payment, these customers pay each month, which comes out to a hefty profit for both the company and representatives.

There are five levels of “associates” in the Pre-Paid Legal compensation plan. First, is the Junior Associate (who earns only $50 on a $26 basic plan). The ranks move up to Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Director, and Executive Director, who earns the highest level of $182.50 on the basic package sale.

To reach this highest level of Executive Director, you must have 3 different “legs” or groups of representatives underneath you. Within each of these groups, you must have a total of 75 sales, and at least one Director in the group. These sales can be divided up – you can personally make all 75 sales, or you can use 25 sales from other members in your “legs” that contain at least one Director.

The idea, as with every network marketing opportunity, is that the more people you recruit, the more active each leg gets as more and more people are recruited. It’s crucial to be able to build your downline to a vast number (in the thousands) to reach the highest levels of the company and create real, passive, residual income for yourself and your family.

How to Reach the Highest Tiers of the Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan

To reach this level of success, reps will have to understand how to leverage the power of the internet to reach thousands of other potential representatives and clients. This is key – because success cannot be reached simply by counting on family and friends to join.

It’s not hard to learn the skills for building your downline. With the help of experts, it’s possible to learn the keys to making great phone presentations and connections, building a great opt-in page on your website, and generating warm leads that make building your business easier each step of the way.

Source by Joshua Fuson
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