“Dewey” Book Review

“Dewey” Book Review

I was chatting with a librarian today who showed me a book she thought I might enjoy. I had mentioned I like over comer stories. This one had two stars, a librarian and a cat.

Author Vicky Myron went through some tough times. She overcame a divorce, welfare, completing her college education, a hysterectomy, a mastectomy and obtaining employment as a librarian.

One quote mentioned in her background story she had heard was that people have a pain tolerance of ten but won’t take action toward change until it reaches nine. I can relate to that. I will add that to my mental notes on positive thinking and change.

So many over comer stories are about people but it’s fun to hear about animal stories as well.

Dewey the kitten was placed by someone in the library return drop box during snow season. When staff got to work in the morning, they found the poor little guy crying and cold. Vicky decided to let him live at the library.

Initially, there were a few people with concerns of allergies or having live animals in the building. Vicky tried to think of ways to make it work. Over time, visitors came to love visiting the library. She had a name contest and the name chosen was “Dewey Readmore Books”.

Dewey became a celebrity and stories about him were being featured. He lived for 19 years. In the beginning, Vicky was just happy to have a cat to love on but he ended up bringing comfort to everyone in town as well.

Pets can be therapeutic. They need love and so do we. There isn’t always a home for every needy pet but what if we could come up with more scenarios like this that could provide a solution?

I love cats but my husband and daughter are both allergic to them. When I was a girl, I loved seeing the elderly cat ladies who took in every stray even though it was too much. I thought it was sweet. I would stick to one but think it could be fun to find creative environments for them.

I do believe God wants us to care for his creatures. I am saddened when I hear abuse stories. I’m glad this was a happy tale. Children learned to be gentle, the elderly, disabled and discouraged found comfort.

The kitten who could have died in the cold found warmth in the hearts of the community who loved him.

Source by Laura M Schroeder
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