Did God Give You The Coaching Gift?

Did God Give You The Coaching Gift?

Do you feel like you were born to be a life coach? Do you often feel like coaching is your calling? Do you know that there is a place for you to do work for the kingdom, but you are still trying to figure it all out? Have you sat on the pew at church feeling like you know there is something big that God wants you to do, but it’s not ushering, singing on the praise team, or preaching a sermon? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions. I have great news for you.

More than likely you may have heard of life coaching, but you are not quite sure what it is all about. You may even wonder if you are a good fit for coaching, and if you can be successful at it. Well, keep reading and by the end of this article you should have the answers to those questions.

As an amazing person who was created by God to do amazing things I believe that you have not landed on this article by accident. I feel like you were led here and that you are in the right place at the right time. I truly believe that this is a divine connection, and I feel blessed that you are reading my article. Now let’s discuss life coaching and if it is right for you.

As a life coach you will use your God-given gifts to encourage and inspire others to break through obstacles and live their best life possible. You will be the light in what may be a dark place in their life. You will help individuals to see their life from a brighter perspective.

You will help others to feel hopeful and positive about where they are at in life and where they are going. As a coach you don’t discuss the past but you can help your clients to navigate through difficult situations that they may be facing, situations that can deter or block them from achieving their goals and dreams.

In a structured and organized way, you will motivate others and become their personal cheerleader. You will support and guide them toward accomplishing the goals and dreams that are meaningful to them. You will listen to your clients and ask the right questions so that they can get their life moving in the direction that they desire for it to move in.

If it is your desire to become a life coach you must not be judgmental, you must be a good listener, you must be willing to learn new things, you must be compassionate, you must have helpful heart, you must have a spirit of love and understanding, you must be able to lift and support others, you must have a gift to inspire and encourage others, you must be a great thinker, you must have a desire to support others to achieve their goals and dreams, you should have good organization skills, you should be patient, kind, and eager to empower others to go to the next level in their life. And you must not be afraid ask tough questions, or to step into being the phenomenal coach that God has blessed you to be, and sometimes that may mean getting creative and thinking “out of the box.”

Life coaching is a highly skilled profession and training is essential so that you can be the best at helping your clients to experience total change in their life. Getting the appropriate training can also help you to learn the coaching structure and coaching methods, and help you to build a successful coaching practice.

As a life coach your life doesn’t have to be perfect, I mean whose is? But you should definitely “practice what you preach.” You should have your life in order. This doesn’t mean that you have never made mistakes, it means that you are at a good place in your life to help others get back on track. If you don’t have your own life in order it is going to be extremely difficult for you to help others get theirs in order. And one of the amazing things about becoming a life coach is that you not only grow professionally, but you can grow personally and spiritually as well. So as you are learning how to improve the lives of others more than likely you will see your life improve in many ways as well.

So now that you have learned more about the field of life coaching and becoming a life coach. You can determine if you feel like it is a gift that God has given you. And if it is you can decide how you want to move forward, and how to make “your next move your best move!”

Source by Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D
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