Dr Phil’s Life Strategies – A Book Review

Dr Phil’s Life Strategies – A Book Review

Through his book, Life Methods, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, P.h.D, will help you make a winning plan for greatness in any area of your life.

It can and will work for you, if you’re prepared to get real with yourself and own your turn at true contentment. I know this because Life Systems has actually helped me take command of my personal life. Life Methods features 304 pages created by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, P.h.D, who stars in his hit daytime talk-show “Dr. Phil”, was released in NY by Hyperion Books in 1999. It made the no 1 Times Bestseller and is still being sold today for the general cost of $13.95 both through the writer and publisher. It could also be found in numerous book stores across the country. In this very easily read book, Dr. Phil gets real with you and tells you’re keen on it is as he has become known for doing on TV. I felt as if he were right there with me in my home through ever step of Life Methods. The direct approach utilized in this work is blunt, truthful and never sugar-coated.

However I’ll warn you that it can be difficult to take in initially as it asks you to cope with issues on each level while being utterly truthful with yourself. If you’re prepared to reveal deep into your own chaos, the benefits of this book and your tough work will be much more than you may have anticipated. Thru Life Methods, Dr. Phil gives you assignments to finish which will help you through on your journey towards a more complete life. The assignments range between straightforward to complicated yet none are most unlikely to follow through to completion with. Such assignments include a quiz to find out whether your life is in a groove or not and an exercise in pin-pointing the destructive thoughts and comments you tell regularly permit yourself to believe.

I like to recommend employing a spiral notebook as your book for the assignments as you’ll need to refer to them later on in the book in order to finish your own personalized life technique. While reading Dr. Phil’s Life Techniques, you’ll learn “The 10 Laws of Life”. According to the book, these are lessons, guides and convictions you want to completely understand life and correctly manage your own life. This book, Life Secrets, actually helped me manage my private life, overcome intense fears, understand my very own feelings and helped me develop my very own life techniques to live by. I just wish you luck on your own journey with Dr. Phil and his Life Secrets on the path to discovering your life plan.

Source by Lisa Fidelis
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