Five Reasons Why Executive Coaches Are in So Much Demand

Five Reasons Why Executive Coaches Are in So Much Demand

Business owners continue to seek out coaches to help them in their business – business coaches, executive coaches, management coaches, career coaches, life coaches – the list goes on.  What is it about coaching that attracts business owners to them?  Better yet, what is it about business management that attracts business owners to executive coaches.

There are quite a few people out there who advertise online as executive coaches.  A Google search recently resulted in 1,060,000 listings with executive coaches in it.  If there are that many executive coaches available that must mean there is a huge need for them, right? 

So why are executive coaches in such demand?  Sounds simple but here are five reasons to explain that demand.  If you are so inclined, don’t hesitate to ask the executive coach in your neighborhood for help.

First, business owners need someone who will listen to them.  This is a critical factor.  Many business owners I work with have left their business coaches because they are tired of the business coach telling them what they should do.  Business owners I work with as the executive coach for the company value that I do not tell them what to do.  I listen to their concerns and ask them a series of questions to help them identify a way that they can resolve the concern themselves.

Second, business owners need someone who will help them become better owners and managers of their employees.  I work with a number of owners who are expert in their trade or profession.  Their expertise may not include a focus on running a company and managing employees.  I use a series of assessments to identify where each owner has natural talents to manage, such as accountability for others or conveying role value.  I then help them understand how these talents can help them manage effectively.

Third, business owners need someone who will help them establish goals and objectives and help to hold the owner accountable for results.  If you are running your own business you may not have others within the company who you can trust to share your goals and objectives, much less hold you accountable to achieving them.  As the executive coach for a number of owners I help them establish those goals and help them develop accountability and reporting systems that we review regularly for results.

Fourth, business owners need someone who can talk with their employees to determine better what the owner needs to do to be more focused and effective.  Prior to enabling an owner to manage better it is important to determine what concerns, if any, employees have about the owner’s management of the company.  As an objective observer, the executive coach in me identifies employee interests, concerns, and perspective that are invaluable in shaping an effective management approach for the owner.

Finally, business owners need someone who can help them modify their roles to become a more effective, self-aware, and authentic business owner.  Business owners have a variety of factors vying for their daily attention.  It is easy to lose focus and perspective – of business goals as well as their talents, behavior, values, and strengths.  As the executive coach we can help them increase their self-awareness and authenticity; thereby helping them achieve a higher level of performance.

Source by Warren Rutherford
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