Get Out of Jury Duty – Find the Perfect Excuse

Get Out of Jury Duty – Find the Perfect Excuse

We all hate to get that notice in the mail that we have to go for jury duty. There are things you can do to get out of having to serve on a jury. The most important thing that you do is to call each day to see if you need to go in to possibly serve. Getting out of jury duty is your ultimate goal and following proper procedure can help you reach your goal. It can cost you a lot of money to miss work and sit around the courthouse to see if they are going to call you to be on a jury. You may ask yourself ‘if I act like I am crazy maybe they will just let me go’. You can rest assured there is an easier way.

You got papers in the mail about going in to serve on a jury. Put your excuse in the appropriate section and make sure it gets sent to the right court location. It is important that you use the form they give you and make sure you fill it out properly. This will give you the best chance to get out of having to be on a jury. There are places on the form that will allow you to put down your excuse but make sure you fill it out properly or they may reject it.

One of the best excuses is if you are over 70 years old they can excuse you. You need to show them your identification to prove your age so make sure you have it on hand. You can get out of jury duty if you have children that you have to take care of for special needs. If you are taking care of an elderly person you can get out of having to serve on a jury as well.

If you have a business or your job requires you to be there because the company will have a hardship they may release you from serving. Make sure that you follow the proper steps when trying to get out of jury duty because if you do not you may be required to serve.

Source by Bryan Burbank
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