Getting a New Apartment After Immigration to US

Getting a New Apartment After Immigration to US

Getting a new apartment immediately after immigration to the United States is really a big hassle. There is a whole lot of questions that are required to be answered related to your requirements and besides there are a million things those are required to be taken into consideration before choosing a house.

Chances are that immediately after immigrating to the United States you would be given a temporary home by your employer, for some time but the sooner you shift into your own the better for you. Am sure these are some of the most common things that one would consider but trust me they are very important and in case you miss out on any of the parameters you might have to pay a very heavy cost to fix the same in terms of having to move to a place that is more convenient for you.

Before moving in consider the following:

  1. Choose the location of the apartment wisely it should not be very far from your work or the nearest departmental store.
  2. Normally 1st floor apartments are cheaper than the ones on higher floors but do choose to consider the security part.
  3. The rent that you pay should include the basic facilities like the hot water supply and the expenses for the garbage disposal. In case it does not include them then you would have to pay separately for them. Also do confirm if electricity is included in the same or not?
  4. Standard equipments in all apartments should be a dish washer, a cooking range or a gas and a refrigerator.
  5. In case the apartment you choose comes with amenities like swimming pool, AC, Gym etc then be sure they are going to cost you extra.

To be considered on the maintenance aspect:

  1. Do ensure that you have made an inventory of the preexisting furniture and the fixtures in the apartment. Any thing that is broken or damaged should be deducted from the security deposit given.
  2. Consider checking the carpet before you enter the apartment as depending on the condition charges for the same might be deducted from your deposit.
  3. Usage of hammers on the walls to push in nails is an absolute no-no. This could leave marks on the walls and the same could be charged to you. Rather usage of board pins and push pins would be a much better idea.
  4. It’s advisable to cover the cooking range with an aluminum foil to keep off those oil related stains. Also do clean the exhaust regularly.

These are some of the tips that could come in handy for you when you are new in the United States and possibly these are the things that can cause a ripoff.

Source by Tushar Mathur
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