Graphology at Home – Lesson 26 – The Tree

Graphology at Home – Lesson 26 – The Tree

Much psychological insight is attributed to how one draws a tree. Several analysts have put the following results together. The tree is divided into two parts, the trunk and the crown:


-A- Broad- Exaggerated self-confidence.

-B – Long and thin – Self-confidence, enthusiasm, and pride. Probable need for inner fulfillment.

-C – Scars on trunk – Still consciously or unconsciously plagued by an unfortunate experience.

-D – Bends to the right – positive attitude towards life, feels urge for activity, enterprising, always ready to help.

-E- Bends to the left- Withdrawn, may be dreamer, self-engrossed.

-F – Set on island or hill-like line – Feeling of isolation or loneliness, independent, reserved.

-G – Set on slanted ground line – Anxious, has some difficulty in adjusting, mistrustful.

-H – Realistic, flaring trunk – Active, social, good sense of humor.

-I – Ground-line above bottom of trunk – longs for unobtainable, shrinks from reality, passive.

-J – Trunk drawn with short separate lines – Impatient, emotional, excitable, impulsive.

-K – Trunk flares into roots – Secure, observant, realistic, and not easily upset by events.

-L – Trunk makes several curves like moderate ‘S’-Artistic may be easily hurt, sensitive.


-M – Falls around trunk like sack – Non-aggressive, subject to moods, indecisive, easily lead.

-N – Fluffy cloud style – Imaginative, companionable, adjustable, sometimes conceited.

-O Circles within circles – Inflexible, strong willed, sometimes unresponsive, egocentric.

-P – Round – Mature, calm, well balanced, honest, reliable.

-Q – Several cloud-like balls on several bunches – Diplomatic, pleasant, hides real reasons and motives, obliging.

-R – Few leaves, bleak as winter tree – Impatient, defensive.

-S – Left side of crown larger or heavier – Thoughtful, likely to fuss over small matters, cautious.

-T – Right side of crown larger or heavier – Adventurous; may lack the ability to concentrate, self confident, restless.

-U – Flat, box-like crown – Feels pressures, submissive, dependent.

-V – Composed of confused lines – Unmethodical, acts on spur of moment, changeable, unconventional.

-W – Composed of uncoordinated lines – Sometimes thoughtless, playful, compulsive, easily distracted, may lack self-control.

-X – Has fruit – gift of self-dramatization, maturity. Falling fruit can indicate feeling of loss or self-sacrifice.

-Z – Long drooping branches and crown like willow – Feeling of defeat, withdrawal from world.

Source by Joel Engel
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