Great Part-time Business Ideas For Students

Great Part-time Business Ideas For Students

Hey students, here’s some great part-time small business ideas to make you some extra cash. You don’t have to be penniless anymore or bother Mom and Dad every time you need some money.

It is a fact of life that students are notorious for being cash-strapped most times. But it needn’t have to be that way. With some clever thinking, some hard work and perseverance, a part-time business can be a solution. Here are a few opportunities that I’d recommend to the student. These businesses can be started with little or no capital and requires little or no training. They are virtually certain to produce extra income and can be sold once the student graduates and starts a full-time job.

Typing Service

Provide a typing service to other students. Offer to type their assignments, resumes, thesis, etc.

Auto Detailing

If you have a flair for graphics and design and you love cars, then you might consider offering a detailing service to vehicle owners. Apart from putting on stunning graphics, you could also detail company vehicles and trucks by putting on logos, signs or advertisements.

Auto Protection/Car Sound Installation

If you are good with electronics and sound, you may consider this very lucrative opportunity. You can source alarm units or sound equipment direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler and put a small mark-up on it if you like but your best income would be from the actual installation charge.


If you are really good in a certain subject, you can tutor school kids in your area. You could either do this at their home or yours. You will charge a rate per hour.

Baby Sitter/House Sitter/Senior Citizens Care

Baby sitting is an old part-time opportunity though it is still very popular and very much in demand with parents who need to take some time out. This one is suitable for females.

A house sitter is someone who will live in and look after a house while the owners are away. This one would be suitable for the guys as girls may be afraid of living alone in a house.

Senior Citizens Care

This one involves doing some household chores, picking up groceries, taking the elderly for medical check-ups, etc. You need to be a caring, patient person with lots of compassion for this opportunity.

Garden Service

This can be a great and lucrative opportunity if two or more students partner up. You’d probably need a pick-up for this one and some basic garden equipment. Maybe you could borrow Dad’s for a while – with his permission, of course.

Pool Service

Similar to the above, except you will concentrate on swimming pool maintenance.

Handyman Service

Here you will do odd jobs for householders who are too lazy to do it themselves. Things like fixing the doorbell, leaky taps, changing a door, painting, etc.

Disc Jockey

If you have a passion for music, have a great album collection of music and possess mixing skills, then you might consider providing a mobile disco service for parties, birthdays, school functions, etc.

Newspaper Recycling

Collect old newspapers from around your neighborhood and sell them to a newspaper recycling plant. You can expand this business by doing old aluminum soda/beer cans as well.

Flyer Distribution

You could undertake a flyer distribution service for businesses in your area. You could employ part-time kids to help you with the actual distribution.

Garage Sale Organizer

You can organize and run garage sales on behalf of homeowners who are too busy or lazy to do it themselves. The sale will be conducted on site and you take a percentage of all sales successfully concluded. You also charge a set-up fee.

Photography Service

If you are good with a camera, then this opportunity might be for you. Take pictures of people and kids in places like malls, holiday resorts, little league games, etc.

Flea Market

If you have something to sell that is truly unique like a creation of your own, then you might be extremely successfully if you set up a stall at a flea market in your area.

Delivery Service

Many businesses, especially pharmacies and fast food outlets contract out their deliveries. Visit a few and offer your services to them.

Study Guides/Text Book Rental

If you have old study guides or text books that you are finished with, you can rent them out to students who can’t afford to buy them.

Sign Writing Service

If you are great with graphics, then you could offer to make signs of all types for businesses. This includes work on glass storefronts.

These are just some lucrative ideas that I think you might want to consider. Look through the list, decide what appeals to you, plan and get started. Good Luck.

Source by Nikita Phillips
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