Higher Education Marketing Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

Higher Education Marketing Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):-
SEM is an online marketing strategy and technique which involves paid website promotion on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc. Search engine marketing is the most effective way for quick traffic, lead generation, and great ROI.
Below are the few examples of various networks provided by Google and different ad types which can be used for the same.
Social Media Marketing:-
Student spend a lot of time on social media platforms in the present situation, it provides better opportunity and platform to engage them through various prominent social media channels like – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
Along with the paid campaigns like boost post and page likes, Higher Educational Institutes can make a great use of social media in the following manner.
• To maintain Alumni Relationships
• Use Facebook and LinkedIn to generate industry contacts through Alumni Networking
• To maintain Industry Relationships
• Promotion of Institute (Online Contest to promote both online and offline events)
• Developments related with various competitions wherein the students have participated
• Showcasing Student Life at Campus.
Search Engine Optimization:-
SEO In is a process of optimizing your website so that its ranking improves on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Search Engines are the primary source of information for education-related research on the internet.
People hardly go to the second page of the SERP; hence it is really important that the website is well optimized and ranked higher. Proper tags, description, and title should be there to define and explain the search engines that crawl the site about the content the given page has. Quality Content which is fresh, latest and properly structured always helps.

Right SEO Strategy and execution will increase the rank and should help to reach out to people who are interested and are very much active on these platforms.
Education has now become global, thanks to digital technology. The larger chunk of the overall admission process is now driven on digital channels. Be it giving the online entrance exams, checking scores, finding the college, comparing them or buying the admission forms; its all-digital. We work with you at every step to understand and ensure your strategy is fused with the new media and technology platforms to create an excellent user experience and increase admissions. In addition, we provide you with custom reporting as per quantitative and qualitative data at each step to help you in your decision-making process.
Do let us know and connect with us regarding any queries regarding digital marketing for the educational sector

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