Highest Paying Post Graduate Degrees in Finance

Highest Paying Post Graduate Degrees in Finance

There are several Post Graduate Degrees in Finance that can help one land a high paying job. Finance programs from leading Universities are tickets to high paying jobs. Finance programs are popular among bright students as they can then plan their careers in investment management, Portfolio management, Banking, investment banking, investment management, private equity and hedge funds. They can also make it big as personal financial advisors and actuaries.

According to US Department of Labor, job prospects are expected to grow 20 percent for Finance Post graduates through 2018 the future is indeed very bright. A Master of Finance – M.Fin. or Master in Finance is a degree that prepares graduates for high paying careers in corporate finance, investment management and as analysts. M.S.F or Master of Science in Finance or MSc In Finance is the same degree with difference in title.

An MBA without specialization in Finance would not have studied many topics that are covered under M.Fin. An MBA program generally is diverse and covers covering general aspects of business like human resource management and operations management. M.Com. or MSM in Financial management have the same topics covered in M. Fin but in these courses the stress is more on theory. Master of Financial Economics focuses on developing models and theories, thus emphasising more on the theoretical aspect of Finance. The CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst designation can be compared to M. Fin. However CFA is more focussed on investment analysis and portfolio management.

Normally highest paying jobs also go to CFAs – Chartered Financial Analysts, CPAs- Certified Public Accountants and CFPs – Certified Financial Planner. Professionals with licences ( such as the Series 7 & Series 63 licenses ) issued by FINRA, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority can rule securities industry. The acquisition of licenses and above mentioned designations requires completion of a course of study and an exam.

M.Fin Post graduates from Princeton University, University of Chicago and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been leading as far the as the highest paid salaries are concerned. Princeton University stresses on topics like Financial Economics, Computational Methods and Financial Engineering in its very successful Post Graduate Finance Program. MIT provides a one year course where students have an option of writing a Master thesis. MBAs from Dartmouth college, Northwest University and Stanford University have been making their alma-mater proud.

Getting a high paying Finance job has a lot to do with you and your job search strategy. Companies need candidates that fit in their requirements strategically

Source by Jeremy Longsale
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