How I Lost My Anger For No Reason at All

How I Lost My Anger For No Reason at All

Life is an arduous and long journey. There are moments when our emotions overpower us and we lose rationale thinking. They control our behavior resulting in us later reminiscing about what went wrong, “Oh My God! I should not have done that”. So let me ask you; do you also belong in this group of people?

The latest affair of above thing happening was my immigration process with INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service’s of the USA). Without any particular reasons, they kept me waiting for a long period of time. It felt like eternity and my blood started to boil. Once everything was all set, after what seemed like at least a couple of hours, my lawyer turned to me and said, “Whatever you do, do not get pissed”. He said that no matter what happened, don’t not lose your cool and stay calm. I gave him a pleasant look, laughed and told him not to worry.

All in all, my interview was going on very well. The officer was very polite, and he showed no sign of rudeness. He asked me to go back on first floor and submit my picture. Upon going there, I found that the person in the window had a contrasting personality to that of the interviewing officer. The women at the window took one look at my form and said that they were now closing up and that I should come back tomorrow. WHAT? Spend another hour in the train trying to reach here again? Was she freaking kidding me? I almost yelled at her in a rage of anger. I was lucky that my wife sensed my feelings and pulled me back. I took some deep breathes and went out to take a new picture in a nearby shop.

So, was I right, or not? The lady at the window did nothing offensive to provoke me. Yeah she might be not so friendly and polite, but this gave me no excuse to lose my temper. I mean she might have been just as irritated as me and just wanted to go home. Now that I think about it, who would not want to? Especially after being cooped up in that small booth since morning.

She was just doing her job based on the INS guidelines. All I was supposed to do was come back the next day. And yet I lost my cool.

Source by Charles Nocis
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