How Life Coaching Improves Trading

How Life Coaching Improves Trading

Our trading problems arise not from our lack of ability but from an imbalance in our brains. Humans today are hard wired to think incorrectly. Life coaching improves trading because it is way more comprehensive than any other kind of success coaching.

Most traders are not working on the issues of their trading challenges, rather they are addressing the end effect of their challenges. The issues are lack of self knowledge, not lack of ability.

Traditional trading coaching focuses on refining your entries and exits, your stop losses and so on. As Ed Seykota said:

There is no math for dealing with uncertainty

Ed Seykota hit the nail on the head, because if you have suppressed fears you will never become a great trader.

Ultimately every single trading challenge is rooted in incorrect subconscious thinking which leads to incorrect, often impulsive trading behaviours.

Enter, the life coach for traders

Life coaching is the most comprehensive form of coaching anyone could go for. It is a combination of healing, wisdom teaching and performance coaching.

A good life coach who knows about trading can help you develop a new way of seeing yourself and your (trading) world.

Life coaching encompasses everything

It includes spiritual development coaching, universal law, developing mindfulness, learning about yourself and techniques to apply this knowledge in your trading and in your life.

Very few traders bring this kind of comprehensive, holistic knowledge to the trading table. If they have the knowledge they don’t know how to apply it in their trading.

If they did, their trading would improve today.

We need to understand why we should do something differently

The hardest bit is this: In order to perform better as a trader you need to change yourself first. Only when you change yourself your trading improves. It’s tough, because 99% of all people resist change.

Your brain must be given a convincing reason why it should change the habits of a life time. Life coaching will give you the reasons why you must change. It is an essential part of the coaching process.

We need to be shown how to expand our knowledge first before we can move to the next level with ease and grace. The process is holistic and not compartmentalised.

Few traders have the knowledge, or the tools to choose that approach for themselves without guidance

They get lost in the minutiae of different techniques and end up moving backwards, or at best standing still. That’s the reality for 95% of all traders.

Life coaching improves trading because it tackles all the issues simultaneously weaving everything into an orderly framework which your trading mind will happily process. A happy stimulated brain learns faster. The result: Your trading improves.

Source by Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen
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