How Our Business Could Look Bigger Through SEO

How Our Business Could Look Bigger Through SEO

Looking ‘bigger’ or, to put it better, more professional is one of the best ways to more influential clients whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer type of company.

Here is a short list of ways to make your small SEO firm look big:

Firstly, show the world that you exist! You should have presence well beyond having a website and a contact form. You can go so far as to put up a phone number and make an email address. It would do well if you get a toll free number and have it forwarded to your cellular phone. Having an office that people can look up and find will help give you that presence that you need. If you’re a home-based business, consider getting a PO Box which has an address instead of just a box number.

Get a nice logo! All businesses employ logos or brand symbols on their products, business cards, blogs, everything! It tells people you’ve got class, and that you’re well established. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can design one if you’re good at photoediting or Photoshop, or you can employ people to make a logo for you at a very affordable price. Check with local design shops, or try LogoWorks.

Clean up the clutter in your website! People generally like a site which is clean and easy to navigate on. Make sure that your website or blogging site looks professional, slick, and well-made. Don’t use clip-art and as much as possible, use original content. When employing blogging, use SEO to make more hits online.

Ensure that your business name tops the highest! If a person searches for you online, or employs the use of SEO they should see your company name on the top of the lists. Don’t forget that Google and other search engines aren’t just made for online searches. They double as dictionaries, calculators, phone books, maps, and nearly everything else.

Link out! When your business marketing site or blogging site links out to authoritative sites, it gives the air of appearance to your business. It means that you’re among reliable shoulders and not just standing solo. In the case of business marketing and blogging, being with the ‘It’ crowd is everything. It not only gives you a chance to rake in some good customers, but it also gives you greater and wider exposure.

Interact with your clientele and show that you work with them. In the field of web content writing our clients wish for us to remain anonymous as much as possible, or we just ‘hint’ at who are clients are. If your clients don’t mind furnish your site with a list of who you work for, for how long, how popular they are, etc. It adds to your presence and gives you what street-cred would be in the outside world.

If you’ve got a blog or are into business marketing blogging, have a multiple author blog. Not everyone can do this, but if you know someone or are employing someone who’s a blogger, have them do it for you. You don’t have to constantly be on your blog 24/7. Logging on once a week to update and reply to posts and comments should be enough to let people know you actually operate.

Lastly, employ a PPC ad for your Business Name! It will cost you practically nothing, especially if you use their organic listing (#7). The advantage of this is it tells your customers you use pay-per-click, as any smart online business marketing venture should.

Source by Dece Berg
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