How To Care For Your Reptile Pets

How To Care For Your Reptile Pets

Adding a new member to the family is always a big move. We’re not talking about a human being, though we’re talking about reptile pets! These incredibly diverse animals can bring a lot of fun and character to your home. Depending on which reptile you own, you may even have one regularly join you outside of its enclosure! With enough research, anyone can be a great reptile owner but even knowing the basics can help. We’re going to go over some of the basics for lizards and boas specifically, but these tips can be applied to most other reptiles.

Regardless of how much you think you may know about reptiles in general, it’s always highly recommended that you do extensive research on the specific breed that you’re looking into. That way, you’re prepared and can better manage any surprises that might arise as you care for your new reptile pet. Being well informed about your pet isn’t just better for you, it’s how you can ensure the best life for your new friend.

Lizard Care Tips

You could say that lizards are the only reptiles with a tendency to escape, but really, it seems like reptiles in general have an urge to crawl, slither, and burrow out of their designated enclosures. That being said, you’ll want to secure your lizard’s habitat. There are many options for enclosures, including aquariums, plastic cages, and wire cages. Just be sure that the one you choose can provide the required temperatures. You’ll want to give your reptile both cold and hot temperatures since they like to bask and enough room to climb.

Boa Care Tips

Owning a boa is great! They’re known for their docile nature and are easy-going but can be quite a challenge for beginners. As you research more about boas for sale, consider the size that they can reach. Boas can be kept in an enclosure but, as most reptiles do, they like to escape and you will need to be able to handle it confidently. You should also note their diet consists of larger feed. Even with the mischief they can get into and their larger diet, boas morphs make this reptile incredibly popular.

Popular Boa Morphs And Lizards For Sale

Do you have a particular lizard or boa in mind? You can find all kinds of lizards in a reptile store, and with boa morphs becoming more and more endless in options, it’s understanding if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Let us help you narrow down your options. Here are a few popular boa morphs and lizards for sale.

Geckos make a great addition for anyone interested in curious reptiles. They come in different types of colors and are relatively easy to care for. Leopard Geckos, like the Albino Leopard Gecko, can be housed communally when there is just one male present and require a lot of water. Bearded Dragons are another great choice if you’re looking for an entertaining lizard for sale. Their personalities and friendly gestures will win you over.

The Kenyan Sand Boa is probably your best bet if you’ve never owned a boa before. They’re a more manageable size and display the usual boa demeanor of calm and passive. Because of their smaller size, they take up less space within an enclosure, so they’re convenient if you have minimal room.

Where Can I Buy Lizards Online And Boas For Sale?

Trusted reptile sellers have built a community and network that provides quality animals. It’s always best to buy lizards online from established sellers who have a reputation for getting the reptile delivered safe and sound. If you can’t decide on your choice of boas, remember the type that can best fit your lifestyle and prepare for it.

Caring for your reptile isn’t just about getting the initial set up right. You also have to maintain the care and pay attention to your reptile on a regular basis. Make optimal care a conscious decision and your reptile will prosper.

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