Life Coaching – Route Cause Analysis

Life Coaching – Route Cause Analysis

Route Cause Analysis is something that isn’t very often used within Life Coaching circles yet I find it incredibly useful for helping my clients to discover exactly where they are and, in particular, the reasons that they have not yet succeeded. Discovering the ‘real’ reasons that you have not succeeded can be a real eye opener and even in some cases a real light-bulb moment where people switch on to their current incorrect actions and adjust them to take them towards their goals.

Have you ever really thought about the reasons you haven’t achieved your goals? It seems slightly negative and slightly counter intuitive but I assure you when you discover the real reasons a clearer path will become clear.

You will also know what actions to not take again – sound strange? You’ll be amazed how many people keep taking the same actions believing them to be correct and yet when I go through a route cause analysis with them they realize that they’ve just been stopping themselves from succeeding with those very actions!

Take some time to yourself to think about the reasons that you have not yet achieved your goals and you may well be surprised at what you discover. Let be clear on one thing though – honesty is the best policy! So many people struggle to be honest with themselves and it does you no good, it offers you no advantages – be honest with yourself to get the greatest benefit!

Start with the one of your goals and ask yourself why you have not achieved it yet and write down the answer – e.g “Why am I not yet earning $100,00 per year?”
The answer might be “Because I have not reached the position in my company to earn that yet”
This is followed by another Why question “Why have I not yet reached the correct position in my company?”
Follow this with the answer -for example “Because I do not have the correct training to achieve that position yet”
You can follow that by another why? question and eventually you will come to the route cause (this should take no more than 5 Why’s?) and you can then start to take action to correct the route cause.

Finding the route cause of an issue enable you to resolve it quickly and move on to achieving your goals! By finding the internal conflict and resolving it your capacity to achieve soars higher than you can ever imagine.

Source by Graham J Nicholls
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