Mentoring And Succession Planning

Mentoring And Succession Planning

A young lawyer once accused the older ones of failing to assist younger ones during gathering of legal luminaries. After the meeting an elderly lawyer gave him his complimentary card and promised to help him.

He was at the elder statesman’s office the next day with anticipation of receiving referrals and contacts, but instead the elderly lawyer invited him for lunch and walked with him to a nearby restaurant. This ritual of lunch and walking was repeated everyday for a whole week, by this time the young lawyer was getting disappointed and discouraged because he was yet to be given any assistance, as far as he was concerned, the walking and eating was a waste of time.

But to his surprise the following week, he began to receive calls from new client and things changed for him. ninety-eight percent of the new clients said they came to him because they heard he was close to the elderly lawyer. It was then he realized the importance of the walking and the lunch. When he phoned the elderly lawyer to discuss his findings, the elderly lawyer was not surprised, but only said, “I did that to give you a leverage and teach you the importance of mentoring”. If walking and having lunch with me for a week can give you this result, can you imagine where you would have been if you worked under me for a while before starting out on your own.

The world is in great need of mentors and role models.


A role model
A wise and trusted teacher, guide and friend
An elderly wise and informed monitor or adviser
One who has been to where you want to be

A mentor is not a tormentor but a protector. Everyone needs to have mentors in different areas of life and also needs to be a mentor to others. For posterity, we need mentoring so as to raise successors.

Success without a successor is a successful failure and family line succession will not be the best in the 21st century. Check out all the multi-nationals and corporations that have survived for decades and generations; and you will realize that the succession has exceeded the family line.

If what you are building cannot outlive you, you are only in a hobby. And if that is the case then, whatever you build dies with you.

Mentoring for Succession Planning

For posterity sake, you need to go through a process that will help produce a successor.

1. Look out for individuals or group you sense you can influence, trust and hand over to.

Jesus picked his disciples. They were willing and followed.

Pick people who are willing and able.

2. Lead by example. Model before them what you want from them and what you expect them to know and do. As you do it, they watch and learn because some things are caught and not taught.

3. Do things along with them. You choose them. You lead and they watch and now. You do it with them.

Get them involved in a deeper dimension in the running of the establishment and in decision making.

4. Let them do things while you watch. The final step will be that you delegate things to them and you watch them do it. As they do it, you motivate, encourage and guide them. Delegate talks. Delegate responsibilities. Delegate Authority.

Do this while you are still around and ensure they have the capability. Seek out mentor. Be a mentor. Plan for posterity. Let the flow continue for ages.

Source by Olumide O Emmanuel
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