Moses and His Magic Wand

Moses and His Magic Wand

Moses grew up Egyptian and the practice of magic was passed down to him as it was to all Egyptian children from generation to generation. “Moses was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, and he was a man of power in words and deeds.” – Acts 7:22) [NASB]

There was no room for doubt, just room for practice and faith. God not only works through man, God works through nature as well. Moses, this “man” of God parted the Red Sea. What words did he use? There are no recorded words for this miracle. Moses had learned that the wooden rod he carried with him had power to do miracles in front of Pharaoh and his magicians. He had come to depend upon the rod (magic wand, walking stick), so when he got to a crisis situation, he used the rod and his intention to part the waters of the Red Sea. Noting the tools he used, and his background in Egypt, Moses was probably considered a wizard or man of magic.

After leading a group of ornery people in the desert for many days, I’m sure Moses was weary of the griping congregation and wondered why God signed him up for the task. The people were thirsty and demanded the “Man of God with the Magic Rod” to do something to remedy the situation. You will remember in an earlier account when God first spoke to Moses and told him that he would lead the people out of bondage, that Moses had a bit of reservation about his speaking abilities. God granted that Moses’ brother, Aaron, would go with him on the mission and be the spokesman to Pharaoh. In the situation of providing water for the Israelites, Moses was told by God to speak to the rock. Moses spoke to a rock and it brought forth water for the people to drink. The next time the people (still griping and fussing) needed water, he was again to speak to the rock to perform the miracle and manifest water where there was none. Instead of speaking to the rock, Moses smote or struck the rock, probably with his rod. What kind of faith did he have at that point? His faith was in his magic wand or walking stick.

The Bible mentions that God was upset about this. Why? Moses had become accustomed to using tools of divination to work miracles, but at this point, God wanted to teach Moses and demonstrate to the whining complaining people that our WORDS have power to create. They were creating more misery for themselves by complaining rather than being grateful that they were no longer under the control of Pharaoh! So, they manifested for themselves several more wilderness “do-overs” rather than moving into the land that had been promised them. Can you believe they actually blamed God for what they were manifesting? God wants us all to know that regardless of what kinds of tools we have at our disposal, our most powerful tool is the spoken word. Wow! Something to ponder. Attitude plus the spoken word manifests results. There’s more to come on this subject in chapter eight.

I have had the experience of speaking things into existence. I never doubt God. In California, we had a tree in our backyard that we heard was supposed to have beautiful pink flowers shadowed with a white lining, but we never saw them in the first seven years we lived there. After teaching a class in white magic one night at my home, I went outside on a full moon and stood in the position of a star with 5 points (earth, air, fire, water & spirit – arms, legs and head). I called on or verbally “invoked” the goddess energy to enter me to let this poor tree bloom and do its part in nature. Two days later, it bloomed. My heart filled with gratitude. We have such awesome, Divine parents.

Source by Reginald Johnson
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