Nude Notary Reveals the #1 Misunderstanding about Notaries

Nude Notary Reveals the #1 Misunderstanding about Notaries

It is dismaying that the general public has a huge misunderstanding about the functions of notaries, but we notaries often perpetuate the problems. I will often receive a phone call from a complete stranger asking if I am available to travel to his house or location at a nearby clothing-optional resort in order to notarize some document for him. I always answer “Yes!” unless I cannot physically be at his location when he needs me.

That scenario is played out many times by me or other notaries public. There seems to be nothing wrong with it, but there is. Notaries DO NOT (and hold on to your hats while I tell this to you) notarize documents. That’s right; we are not allowed to notarize documents.

We perform a very specific public function. We notarize signatures of people who acknowledge that they have signed a document of their own free will. We also administer oaths and affirmations and then notarize the signatures of those people who are declaring under oath the truthfulness of the contents of what they are signing in our presence.

I am as guilty as the next person of spreading the myth about what we do. I will not correct a potential client on the phone and tell him that I will not notarize his document, but I will notarize his signature. That type of parsing is too technical for a person who just needs to obtain a notary’s signature and seal on some form.

The next time you call for a mobile notary to do some work for you, display your knowledge and tell the notary that you need a signature, not a document, notarized. The notary will be appreciative of your insight.

Source by Marc Seligman
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