Recognizing Deception Can Save a Marketing Coach Valuable Time and Energy

Recognizing Deception Can Save a Marketing Coach Valuable Time and Energy

There are tell-tale signs that someone may be lying, and as a marketing consultant, learning to recognize deception before you go too far will allow you to cut it off at the pass.

Here’s how…

Not everyone is honest and forthright with his or her intentions.

How can you learn to identify deception immediately? Let’s say you’re a consultant and you’re meeting with a client. He’s asking probing questions and he’s getting answers.

Are there techniques you can use to sense that the client is telling the truth?

There are a few things you can look for.

If you’re talking with somebody who has something to gain by deceiving you, the moment they start to deceive you there are certain physiological signs that will alert you.

Their heart rate will increase, blood flow will go into their face and it will go up by the nose and above the nose between the eyebrows. It will also go into the ears and so you’ll literally watch their face redden.

It’s really pretty amazing.

Another thing that happens when people deceive is their pupils tend to get smaller as you’re looking. That’s a really pretty cool cue.

Why does this happen?

Generally speaking when people are trying to take in the environment their pupils get larger. When people like you, their pupils get larger; but when they’re deceiving you there is a fear constriction. When you’re afraid, when you’re trying to think in straight lies, for some the pupils get smaller.

It’s something that you can watch for.

If you notice that a person is touching their nose or their earlobe with their index finger or their middle finger, those are the places that get the most itchy – when people have a lot of blood flow to the head.

What’s really interesting, by the way, is just hearing about deception and thinking about deception actually causes these physiological changes in people.

So anybody who’s reading this right now actually probably feels their nose itching and their ear itching and will probably scratch it and touch it with their middle or first finger. It’s really an amazing phenomenon.

During a conversation, if you see that somebody is using too much eye contact – they’re with you all the time, that’s a pretty good sign that something is wrong.

Usually people are concerned when they’re being evaluated or they’re judged and so they tend to look away and they look down.

But people who are deceiving on purpose; somebody comes to your door, they look at you with perfect eye contact for more than 75-85% of the time, you can generally know that there’s some real good quality deception going on.

You may not be able to figure out what it is, but you can usually figure out that it’s there. There are other indications, but these are some easy ones.

What you’re seeing is not always what you’re getting, regardless of what a person is saying. By learning to recognize these physiological signs, as a marketing consultant you will be able to read your clients more effectively.

Source by Michael Senoff
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