Severe Macaws As Pets

Severe Macaws As Pets

Also known as the Chestnut-Fronted Macaw, the Severe Macaw is one of the largest ‘mini-macaws’. They are about 40-45 cm (16-18in) long, including the tail which is about half its length. They live in South America, from Panama south into Amazonian Brazil and northern Bolivia.

Both sexes are monomorphic, meaning they are identical in appearance. A DNA test should be carried out to identify the gender. Severes are mostly green in colour, with a blue crown, brown forehead band and chin. The flight feathers are blue and the tail has a red-dark chestnut underside. The carpal edges are red and the iris in sexually mature birds is orange.

As Companion Pets

The Severe Macaw is a lot like the large macaws when it comes to intelligence and its child-like personality. They play like conures.

They are very social, playful, affectionate and generally enjoy being petted. They are quite vocal and like climbing and hanging upside down. Severe Macaws are quite smart and many owners have successfully toilet trained their bird.

Severes need suitable items for chewing on as they may be destructive if bored. They tend to also enjoy ropes to swing on. Don’t provide toys designed for small birds as these are not strong enough to handle a Severe’s beak. Like many birds, they love baths and showers.

If you want a Severe Macaw as a companion bird, it is best to acquire a handreared individual. If well socialised at a young age, Severes tend to quite sociable and not a one person bird, however they will have a favourite person. Like all parrots, they need quality time out of their cage every day.

Diet and Health

Macaws have a higher fat requirement compared to other species of parrots. High level of fat (usually in the form of nuts) should also be accompanied with an adequate level of dietary protein if the fat is to be metabolised properly.

A good Severe Macaw diet consists of seed, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and commercial parrot pellets.

Their lifespan is listed from anywhere between 30 to 80 years old, but it is generally considered to be 40 years.

Interesting Facts

* There are no established mutations of this species.However, a colour has come up in one female individual, labeled as ‘red pied’. The bird has not reproduced yet.

* Severe Macaws are the only mini-macaw to have feather lines on the bare patches on its face.

Source by Clara Hollins
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