The PEMCLITS Of Superior Real Estate Representation

The PEMCLITS Of Superior Real Estate Representation

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are nearly, 1.5 million licensed agents, etc, in the United States. A closer examination, however, indicates, that most of the business transactions, and activities, take place, as a result of, only a fraction of that number of individuals. It is, however, also, important, to recognize, and realize, each person’s needs, goals, and priorities, regarding buying or selling, a house, may be significantly, different, so, before hiring anyone, to serve and represent, you, and your best interests, it makes sense, to carefully, interview several, to ensure, you make the wisest decision, for you! After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, I have developed, what I refer to, as, the, PEMCLITS of superior real estate representation. With these in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Pricing: There is a slogan, which states, selling a house, is, all about price! Although, some homeowners, falsely, believe, the best choice, as an agent, is the one, which recommends the highest, initial, listing price. The best way to do so, requires having the ability to determine, the most appropriate, pricing, and the preferable way, to proceed, usually, is to use, a Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA. This means, closely, examining the competition, comparing houses, which are most similar, and comparable, in terms of location/ region, features, lot size, house dimensions, condition, etc. The finest agents, realize, when a home is priced, right, from the start, it generally, creates the best set of conditions, for selling, at the best price, on the best terms, in the shortest – period, of time!

2. Efforts; empathy; endurance: Hire someone, who effectively, listens, and learns, and maintains genuine empathy! It, often, takes considerable endurance, to handle, the obstacles, involved, during the real estate transaction, process – period. When, one focuses his efforts, on his clients priorities, he is probably, well – suited, to quality representation!

3. Marketing: Homeowners need, and deserve, to hire someone, who creates a customized, marketing plan/ system, and fully explains, his reasoning, etc.

4. Confidentiality; closing: As a client, you deserve, the utmost degree of confidentiality, from your agent! Great agents, hold – your – hand, from the onset, through the closing!

5. Loyalty: A client deserves the absolute loyalty, from the individual, he hires!

6. Integrity: Unfortunately, genuine integrity, may not, consistently, be maintained, by every agent. You must deserve this behavior, all the time, and, not, just, when, it might be, convenient!

7. Timely; time – tested; trends; trust: The individual, you hire, must earn your trust, every step, along the way! This comes from many actions and behaviors, which must be aligned, such as proceeding with well – considered, timely action, using time – tested techniques, and using the current trends, which might make, a difference, for the better!

8. Sales; selling: What good is any agent, unless/ until, he takes advantage of professional selling, based on worthwhile, sales techniques, and closing, the deal, effectively, to the satisfaction, of the client?

Carefully, consider, the PEMCLITS, of superior, effective, real estate representation. Doesn’t every client, deserve, this, and no less?

Source by Richard Brody
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