Top 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Business Coach

Top 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Business Coach

Investing in a business is not only a big investment; it’s also a pivotal investment in the direction of your company. Taking good advice from the right person can catapult your business to new heights. On the other hand, taking advice from the wrong person can put you out of business. So choose wisely and do your due diligence before hiring a coach.

Top 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Business Coach:

1. How were they trained? – The source of their training is less important than the fact that they actually have some sort of training. On the job training or hiring a coach of their own are both acceptable.

2. How long have they been coaching clients? – Make sure that you are not client number one. You also want to be careful with coaches that have been in the business for 20 years. A lot has changed in the last 5 years and you need to make sure they are up to date on technology, systems, and the evolution of marketing.

3. Do they understand life coaching as well? – This question is often overlooked. In my opinion, the best coaches understand how to identify and coach you through mental obstacles. These coaching sessions are usually the ones that create the biggest breakthroughs in business.

4. Do they offer a guarantee? – I actually frown on this. I’ve found that coaches who offer a guarantee are more likely to have clients quit on them after a few months rather than stick it out and get the results they are after. These same clients don’t put in the required effort to make the coaching strategies work. So in the end, this is a losing situation more time than not.

5. Can they actually help you do some of the work if you get stuck? – Just know if the coach is willing and ABLE to roll up their sleeves and get dirty if you need them to. Even if it costs you more, you need someone who has the skills to help you.

6. What kind of access do you get to them? – Are you getting 1 hour a week with limited email support or can you get in an extra call or text here and there? Some coaches really limit this and limit their ability to help their client.

7. Do they have a support network if they get stuck? – This is a deal breaker for me. I don’t expect my coach to know everything, but I expect them to associate themselves with other professionals in their industry and have access to the help they need.

Insiders Tip: Don’t put a lot of weight on testimonials. A coach is never going to let you talk to an angry client or past client. Look at the whole picture and go with your gut.

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Source by Michael LeJeune
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