Top Home Business Ideas – Think Outside the Square – Part 1

Top Home Business Ideas – Think Outside the Square – Part 1

More and more people are wanting to avoid the daily grind, the hassles of getting up and selling life hours to pay the mortgage and feed the kids and the stress of having to deal with office politics, targets and performance reviews.

This article series of six articles will look at the top ten contemporary home business ideas for anyone one to do from home. Each business is explained as well as outlining what the start up costs will be and the skills required to successfully develop the business.

Most people who want to work from home are often paralysed by the fact that they can’t come up with a great home business idea to get started. The good news here is that there are so many ideas out there once you start researching that this list could be endless. I have narrowed down some of those ideas based on ease of start up, level of technical knowledge, skill and financial outlay.

The following are the top ten business ideas based on my criteria.

  1. Shirt Designer
  2. Product Distributor
  3. Art Consultant
  4. Internet Trainer
  5. Commercial Photographer
  6. Internet Researcher
  7. Technical Writer
  8. Affiliate Marketer
  9. Web Site Designer
  10. Directory Publisher

The internet provides an outstanding opportunity for anyone wanting to work from home but your business does not have to be an online business. These business ideas will help to focus your attention/mind on how you can develop your business and give you things to think about before you launch into any particular business venture.

1. T-Shirt Designer

Crazy but true. People are passionate about t-shirts and generally those people that are passionate about t-shirts want something different. They don’t want to be seen in a shirt that 500 other people nearby may be wearing.

The fashion industry is a massive industry that is growing exponentially. Improvements in technology have meant that producing and designing t-shirts is much easier than it ever has been and it can certainly be done as a home business.

There are many many t-shirt designing businesses online that provide the software for you to design your t-shirts and they will print them and mail your order to you. Prices vary depending upon which deal or company you choose. Most provide design software for free and only charge for the printing and production of the t-shirt.

All you really need for this business is a creative zing, a love of t-shirts and the ability to market the product once you have designed it.

Produce some brochures, approach local businesses, show off your designs and amend them to suit the needs of the buyer if necessary. Pick a great target market and design t-shirts to suit that market and you’re more than likely in business.

Designing t-shirts to sell can be a very profitable home business to be in providing you are willing to put in the effort.

The next article will discuss becoming an art consultant or a commercial photographer.

Source by Tania Halpin
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