Using Colored Drywall Textures – Home Remodeling Secrets

Using Colored Drywall Textures – Home Remodeling Secrets

If you’ve been in the remodeling business as long as I have, there’s a good chance that you have either found or created your own home remodeling secrets. Successful home remodeling contractors know all of the tricks of the trade and very rarely give them out, but I’m going to share one with you that could save you a lot of time, grief and aggravation.

I’m talking about adding some type of coloring to your drywall texture, so that you can actually see what’s been sprayed on the wall. Think about this for a moment, when ever you use any drywall products, there’s a good chance that all of your plaster, joint compound, toppings and even your drywall texture are going to be one color and color of course is white.

You can use food coloring, cement coloring or even paint to create a different color than white. Simply add a small amount of paint or food coloring, to this product, while you’re mixing your texture Once you’ve created a different drywall texture color, it will be easier for you to see the areas you’ve covered, while applying the product to the walls.

Now for tip number two, let’s say that you used a white plaster and your walls are now white. Then you use a brown color drywall spray texture compound, but you don’t think you’ve covered enough area or the job is incomplete. Now you can go back to white or mix a different color.

Rarely do I give away remodeling tips like these, but I’m getting older and would like to share as much of my construction knowledge, with as many people as I possibly can. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and you should continue reading more articles about construction, remodeling, home improvements and home repairs, especially if you enjoy doing your own building projects.

Source by Greg Vandenberge
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