Uva Ursi For Pets – Take the Natural Approach to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats

Uva Ursi For Pets – Take the Natural Approach to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats

If you are reading this it is possible you are already convinced of the benefits of natural homeopathic treatments for you and your family. But you are now considering using a product containing uva ursi for pets, such as dogs and cats in your household. As a responsible pet owner you need to find out if uva ursi is safe and effective for pets, and you want to know what ways it can best be used, and what to expect.

Uva ursi is an herb commonly used in both humans and pets to promote urinary tract health. A mild antiseptic, antibacterial and diuretic supplement it promotes regular urination and kills germs in the urinary system. Under normal circumstances with a basically sound pet it is unlikely to cause damage, though you should confirm that there are no outstanding conditions present in your pet to discourage you from using uva ursi for pets. If your dog or cat does suffer from other ailments such as kidney disease, then be sure to check with your veterinarian before using any natural supplement.

If there are no grounds for avoiding the supplement you should feel safe proceeding. Uva ursi for pets is considered a mild, safe, and non-intrusive way of helping to prevent UTIs in cats and dogs, and it is not considered a toxic agent.

You can expect the supplement to trigger regular and heavy urination, and along with it to promote hearty drinking of fresh water — all the urine has to come from somewhere after all! Be sure to provide plenty of clean water, and track the rate of consumption.

The uva ursi for pets will encourage regular drinking, but should not lead to constant, needy drinking: the second is more indicative of a problem with the renal system. If you detect what seems to be excessive water intake stop giving your pet any remedy and take your pet to the vet to ensure there is no kidney disease active in your pet. But steady, normal levels of enthusiasm are to be expected.

Beyond that there should be few indications that you are using uva ursi for pet health regimens at all — except continued good health! The uva ursi in the formula of your choice should keep the urine dilute, free of crystals and sediment that might cause blockages, and should help kill off germs before they ever become a problem.

Give your pet doses as directed, make sure there is food and water present, keep track of water intake and urine rates, and lean back, certain that when you use uva ursi for pets you are doing something safe and proactive to encourage a healthy urinary system. There are also products available that combine this herb with others that can help with the urinary system. See the links below for additional information and suggestions.

Source by Jeffrey Grill
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