Wellness Coaching Creating Your Story

Wellness Coaching Creating Your Story

The Best Character

If you could be the best character in the story that you are writing what traits would they have? Every character has a certain trait or traits that make them suck you into their story. They are intrinsically good at certain aspects of life. What emotions does this character feel? By touching in on the emotional realm of being a human you will literally feel each emotion that you write down.

Writing out your characters story will help solidify the vision. Use that vision every day. Put the piece of paper you use in a place you will see it every day. This triggers your mind to live in the direction of the character that best describes who you are. Be fair to yourself most of all. It’s okay to go back and change things as you begin living one path and realizing that path may not be the correct path after all.

Every person can choose to change their path at any point in their story. Maybe you see something coming up that you want to begin doing something about. Begin to figure out who you must be to accomplish that part of your life. What will you need to feel and act like? Coming up with a solution now will allow you to overcome challenges you may have never even known were there. There is great wisdom in following the person you want to be as opposed to reacting to every situation. At least until we get to a time where all our species live in the present moment.

When doing this go into a safe world. You have no judgement and only love in your heart when looking at this character. Decide the path that would best fit you. It is almost like the image of your highest self. It is like taking a bird’s eye view of your life and deciding what path you really want to be on. Be inspired by the knowledge that you have all the answers you need inside. Maybe think about putting on some light music and lighting a candle. Do whatever makes you most comfortable but give yourself the intimate time alone to get this exercise done.

Through completing this exercise your mind will begin to work towards that ultimate goal. To live in the form of the higher self means that you will have certain passions and projects to follow. You begin to live the life you have always wanted to live.

Live your best life.

Source by Matt Collinson
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