What Is Soul Coaching for Purpose?

What Is Soul Coaching for Purpose?

How can a Soul Coach help me?

Why working with a Soul Coach for Purpose – where does this bring me. As nature has its seasons so too does our soul. We are not always aware of our light. Through experience and by its very nature you will walk in the darkness examining difficult emotions, values, inconsistent truths, and undeserving beliefs. This self awareness brings hope to opening the door to your truth.

A life coach brings you to a state of awareness through probing, healing and explaining many possibilities. Working with your soul is deeper and more complex. You open to your inner essence. This is where you shine. It is who you were when you were born. People experience your essence when you walk through that door.

Working with a soul coach is when you open to your highest guidance. This is where you will always have the answers to life’s most pressing questions. This progresses as a journey of the soul, where at times you will have to face the dark night to discover your soul purpose and your hidden talents. By discovering these in depth, you will create a solid true pathway. You become more centered working from a place of grounded authenticity. You will become more self-aware away from the ego shaping your future life.

A Soul Coach for Purpose comes from a place of ‘not-knowing’. Working with your soul (higher self) you will explore your spirituality and;

  • Establish your inner dreams and goals (your mission)
  • Explore what is really important in your life
  • Develop a relationship with your inner authentic self (your essence)
  • Identify obstacles in your way and find ways to overcome them
  • Grow spiritually understanding the blessing you offer
  • Live in accordance with new beliefs and inner values
  • Learn to live in peace and acceptance
  • Gain a deeper understanding of where you are now and where you want to be
  • Offer Meditation Prayer Healing Grace
  • Open yourself to the divine (higher guidance)
  • Bring hope through the birth of new ideas
  • Hold space when painful and anxiety provoking
  • Bring hope through engaging the soul
  • Engage with the infinite creativity of the divine
  • Finding truth through listening to others and to the divine

Locating your Higher Self:

Working with a Soul Coach for Purpose helps you ‘locate your inner truth” and discover your authentic self. To help you locate your true meaning. Of course, this will be different things to different people. No one has the same pathway. Your perception of how the world looks, your identify, what may be of hope and aspiration will be different. You will want to seek answers to the most pressing questions.

  • Who are you? •
  • What is your place?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where is your home? •
  • Who are your people/community?
  • How does work define and relate to your identity?
  • Make an estimate of how much your identity is defined by your work/profession? Guess a percentage?

How you inner wisdom helps you

You have an inner voice which you can communicate on a daily basis, Your success living a soulful life begins in your mind and heart and the coherence between both. What you achieve in your life is a result of what you perceive. Your inner wisdom has a big influence on your success, confidence and action. Why? Your inner wisdom knows all. The question of purpose is not what you like to do. It is about what are you designed to do, what your’re meant to do – not what you like or dislike doing.

Appreciate and love

The words you tell yourself has a long lasting effect resulting in either negative or positive outcome. Working with a soul caoch helps you to have love and respect for ourself. The more ou love and appreciate yourself, life, others etc., you live a more joyful fulfilling life. Next time you are standing in front of a mirror, appreciate what you see as you are connect to source. You will experience change and transformation as life grows from within.

Here is a quick exercise:

As you wander through a peaceful place – jot down notes in relation to its impact on you.

  • What makes you feel ‘located’ and grounded?
  • What dislocates you and makes you feel fragmented or alienated?
  • When looking around you in this space, try to be open and responsive to what emerges?
  • Are any thoughts triggered?
  • Is there pictures/art you distance yourself from and walk away – why?
  • What feelings does this place work stir?
  • Memories?
  • Shadows?
  • Associations?
  • Listen to what your body is saying.
  • Connections?
  • Curious?

Can you truly listen without judgement? Every day our ego wakes up makes your decisions, thinks, feel, east and so on. The ego is an important function as it helps us establish and maintain who we are. Work with a soul coach helps you differentiate, the voice is your head clouded by the voice of your ego. A Soul Coach / Life Coach helps you to differentiate between them both so you can really hear what is true for you. Do you know the difference.

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Source by Reeny Carvotta Barron
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