What Is Spiritual Coaching?

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

The human body is an intricate work of God’s vision for the universe. Beyond the realms of physical structure, Nature has designed each human being as a different entity, gifted with a unique purpose in life. As an individual scrambles forth in his rush for materialistic pursuits and commercial success, he often loses the ability to visualize the true purpose of his existence. Along with this, he also loses all contact with his inner core and subconscious mind. This is indeed a catastrophic stage when human life is diminished to mere physical existence.

By its intent, Spiritual Coaching is a structured process in which a person is led into a deep, meditative state of tranquility, with the sole aim of putting him back in touch with himself.

The human mind and body are gifted with a strong, inherent ability to solve life’s most complex problems and heal illnesses. However, clouded by the negative waves of fears, worries and self-doubt, this ability is often destroyed. It is here that a spiritual coach intervenes, bringing back the power to realize your true potential, be happy and above all, be able to solve your problems and heal yourself.

How does it work?

Spiritual coaching is administered by an experienced coach with a non-religious, neutral approach, either in a group or on an individual basis. The entire process begins with an informal orientation, followed by the slow induction of a meditative state. The coach then attempts to look deeper and identify the potential cause of anxiety and unrest within the individual. The strains of following sentiments or thoughts are identified:

· Inability to form or achieve goals

· Lack of interest or unsatisfactory personal lives

· Lack of professional growth

· Anxiety, fear and phobias

· Constant state of illness

· Inability to develop relationships

In some cases, spiritual coaching is preceded by mentoring, which is an informal, open-ended discussion. Once a basic comfort level has been reached, the spiritual coach will attempt to delve into deeper issues and target the core problematic zone. The coach will first try to restore the inner balance and awaken the consciousness of the individual’s true potential. Eventually, through powerful verbal, non-judgmental and persuasive techniques, he will empower the recipient to face challenges independently, with success.

Source by Dr Alicia Holland
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