Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Adorable Pets?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Adorable Pets?

Cavies or guinea pigs are your dainty rodent breeds. They have colourful patches, a cherubic face and guiltless eyes. Vegetarians by nature, they follow a strict diet. Their eating habits are so disciplined that you don’t have to worry they’ll nibble on something unhealthy or damaging to their health. These little angels are very particular about what they eat, and yes, they are sometimes fussy about food. They need variety. Your little piggies will get bored if you give them the same food over and over again. You have to design the platter for your darlings. They can be served with green veggies, tomatoes, carrots, fresh grass, etc in a single meal. Some vegetables high in phosphorous and oxalic acid such as potatoes, onions are poisonous to them.

They are usually confused with hamsters or rabbits, but they are rodents with the diet similar to rabbits. Rabbits and guinea pigs can dwell together as long as you, as a pet owner, can keep their aggression in check. They are usually very quiet and week(that’s the sound they make)only when you open your fridge for their favourite food items. They eat fruits, have a sweet-tooth and crave for fruits like kiwis, mangos, watermelons, etc. Though they are strict vegetarians, they are not fit to eat all vegetables. They need to produce vitamin C, so giving them vitamin C rich food is advisable.

Pellets are good, but as a guinea pig owner I can tell, unlimited quantity of fresh green grass, some cucumbers, tomatoes, coriander in their daily diet keeps them healthy. They are tender and fragile and fall sick very easily. Hence, clean food and clean cage is what keeps them healthy. They eat all day, they are foodies of sorts. The best thing about them is, they sniff food to check if it’s good for them and won’t even go near it if it’s not good for their health.

They make such adorable pets because they take care of themselves, are not noisy, don’t need a special diet. You just need to clean their cage daily and give them fresh veggies, and they give your loads of cuddle and love in return. They love walking and running around and are curious enough to explore areas. However, they will only explore places known to them. They will not even enter the other room until they are familiar. With a little patience and constant contact you can gain their trust, as they don’t trust so easily. So prattling and talking to them will ease their nervousness, and they come to you for some petting time. Guinea pigs are, I say, angel pets. They are pure at heart and innocent. Everybody should have one at least for some time!

Source by Vaishali Adwant
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