You The Leader (Book Review)

You The Leader (Book Review)

By: Phil Pringle

ISBN 0-975-1905-1-2

Book Price $25.00


Phil Pringle is the Senior Minister of C3 Church in Sydney Australia, one of Australia’s largest and most influential churches. He is leader of the CCC movement internationally (a movement of over 150 churches). Phil’s relevant and dynamic style has made him a much sought after speaker in both Christian and secular contexts.

Leadership Traits

In eighteen chapters Phil reveals the heart of a true leader. He covers points as, the leader and his vision (p. 33), the leader a winner (p. 51), the leader’s trials (p. 57), the leader’s weapons (p. 97), leader’s attitude (p. 109), the leader as communicator (p. 201), the leader and teams (p. 243), the leader a decision maker (p. 297), and more.

Leadership Responsibility

Phil Pringle is quick to engage readers with his concise and informative style. He addresses the great need for leaders stating, “It appears that the real role of the Chief Executive Officer is to manage the values of the organization… God… entrusts leadership positions only to those He has tested and brought through the fire.”

Pringle’s words carry conviction to challenge others. He shares, “Leaders don’t find their foundations for influence in themselves, but in God. Without God they forfeit their destiny and the destinies of those who follow them.”

Phil employs quotes for impact, like the following statement from E.M. Bounds, “While the church is searching for better methods, God is searching for better men.” And from Dale Carnegie he explains, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain-and most do-but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

Personal responsibility is a clear trait of Phil’s message. He expresses, “Leaders have learned to rule their attitudes. They are not waiting to see how they feel. They know how they want to feel and choose to “feel” that way.” And, “Leaders don’t wait to see what will happen; they make things happen… we motivate ourselves to achieve… “

Phil gives concrete keys to see results, revealing that, “If the leader is personally growing, the organization he or she leads is growing.” and, “The discipline of living right before God in secret is the key to a success that is granted from heaven.” also, “People rarely succeed at anything unless they enjoy what they are doing… A smile overcomes… “

Become A Great Leader

Phil Pringle presents a compelling tool for empowering those who are called to become a great leader.

Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne
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