Your CHOICE Of A Real Estate Agent

Your CHOICE Of A Real Estate Agent

In most areas of the country, both, homeowners (opting to sell their homes), and potential home buyers, would benefit, from hiring and utilizing the services, of the right real estate agent. Your CHOICE of, the individual, you decide to hire, often, makes a considerable difference. Since, for most, their house represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to take the time, and make the effort, to choose wisely, and select the right person, for you. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what that means, and represents, and why, it’s a smart way, to proceed.

1. Clever; creative: What does being, clever, have to do, with quality real estate representation? When we discuss this characteristic/ asset, in this regard, it means, the ability, to see things, as they can, and should be, rather than merely, as they appear. This is a form of positivity, which, eases the stresses and strains, and other tensions, associated with the real estate transaction period/ process. Interview, carefully, and choose/ select, an agent, who is able and willing to proceed, in a creative way, rather than, merely, the same – old, same – old ways. Every house, in every local market, is, in some ways, different, and one is served, when their representative, proceeds with the creativity, to emphasize the strengths, and minimize the potential weaknesses.

2. Head/ heart: Only when agents, use, both their logical components (knowledge, expertise, negotiating skills, etc), as well as emotional ones (people – skills, attitude, etc), do their clients benefit! This head/ heart. balance, invariably, eases the stresses, and eases the process!

3. Options; organized; opportunities: Quality agents explain your options, and how each one, has potential ramifications, and impacts. They must be organized, and follow – up, on all inquiries, answer questions, and make needed personal connections. Taking advantage of all opportunities, positions the client, in the most beneficial way.

4. Ideas; imagination; integrity: When you interview potential individuals, to hire, will you consider, and observe, if each one, possesses the level of relevant imagination, to best serve your interests? Hopefully, this will bring – forward, the level of ideas, which might make a difference, for the better! Until/ unless, you feel convinced, someone will maintain absolute integrity, you will never, be completely satisfied!

5. Character: Skills, attitude, and experience, are not enough, unless, the expertise, is combined, with someone, with the highest level of personal character!

6. Energy; efficient/ effective; excellence: High – energy agents inspire their clients, and bring an urgency, to the process, which, often, delivers extraordinary results! In the quest for personal excellence, never overlook, the essence of being, efficient and effective!

Choose your representation wisely, because, the differences, between agents, varies, and, your needs, are often, unique! Take the time, initially, and ease the overall process!

Source by Richard Brody
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