Be Inspired to Go Higher!

Be Inspired to Go Higher!

We all have dreams but are we truly living them to the fullest? Are we really living our best life or are we settling for what life has presented us? There is always going to be something standing in between where we are at and where we desire to be, but it’s our job to push through the obstacles to get to the opportunities. And not just to improve our life, but there may be someone waiting on us to show up, to inspire them to improve their life. What if their purpose is connected to us getting in alignment with our purpose?

If your dream is to make a difference in the lives of others as a life coach, then there is a reason God put that dream in your heart. And your dream is closer than you can imagine, and this is your time! We can’t continue to move through life out of alignment. That may always cause us to feel like something is missing in our life. And it may always cause us to feel like we were made for more. There is something so beautiful about stepping into our power and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Does that mean that life will always be easy? No, it doesn’t. But it does mean that we have the inner motivation to overcome life’s challenges and difficulties. It means because we are in alignment we believe we will always come out of a situation better than how we were when we went in it, meaning that we will come out stronger, more purposeful, with a powerful testimony, or with the blessing we have been believing for.

Making a difference in the lives of others is a wonderful feeling beyond what words can describe. Just knowing that someone has found hope again because of you, or someone is pursuing their goals because or you, or someone’s confidence has been elevated because or you, or someone has overcome obstacles because of you, is priceless. We may underestimate the fact that someone needs what we have to offer. And they are probably praying for a solution to their problem, that is connected to us. The world is full of hopeless people, but the world is also full of hope. And hope flows through us and into the lives of others through our gifts, encouragement, inspiration, and support.

What God has called us to do is bigger than us, and it’s bigger than money. Money is a part of the result. Money is beneficial and money is needed for many things, but it is not our driving force to do what we do. Our driving force is helping to transform lives. And the financial part is the exchange for the value we provide. And when we focus on empowering others and making a difference, the money shows up.

If you feel like coaching is a part of your divine path, then it’s time for you to get going. Your level of fulfillment and your life could change drastically. And God can use you in a way greater than you can even imagine!

Source by Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D
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