Business NLP – How to Become More Effective in Your Coaching Consulting and Training Business – 3

Business NLP – How to Become More Effective in Your Coaching Consulting and Training Business – 3

5 Practical Skills To Get More Influential

Well, of all the places to discover something new, something that works, sitting in the entrance to the Rope Tackle building in Shoreham about to make a sales visit to a big potential new Customer. Well, “he’s probably not really that big!”, I say to myself, but his reputation is that he learns by doing and has no time for “personal development stuff”. His favourite sayings are “I want to be effective”, and “I learn by doing”. I feel that my stomach is a little tense and my palms are a little hot and moist. I wonder, what can I do to influence him to become a customer…

Well, maybe these 5 practical skills may help:

Skill 1. Be Likeable and Helpful To People That You Meet To Earn The Right To Influence Them.

Skill 2. Use The Language And Behaviour Of Influence To Create An Agreement Frame!

Skill 3. Make A Great Sales Presentation.

Skill 4. Build a pathway to Yes and Lead Your Prospects to make really great decisions.

Skill 5. Frame Objections as Resources and Negotiate to close more Win-Win Agreements.

So, as I’m waiting in the reception area I’m spinning the feeling of being in a wanton buying state from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Sounds a bit weird I know, but it works, I begin to relax and prepare for our discussion.

Step 1: Be Likable and Helpful!

“Few people would be surprised to learn that, as a rule, we most prefer to say yes to the requests of someone we know and like.” Robert B Cialdini, Ph.D.

We sit down on a low leather sofa and I smile, shake hands and say “So, I’m curious, how’s business?”

He tells me “Business is going really well. We’re really busy.”

As our conversation progresses, nod my head gently and gesture to demonstrate that I understand what he’s saying. Turns out that he’s had a bad experience with Steve, at least I think that’s his name, someone else who came in to talk to him about NLP…..

“Let’s get straight to the point. Does NLP work?” he asks “the other bloke told me I think

in pictures and I thought about it over the weekend and I actually think in words.” He says.

Step 2: Create an Agreement Frame.

“The thing that makes NLP work go so quickly is that we make very practical decisions about what order we do things in…..”Gather information!…Evolve system…Solidify change”” Richard Bandler and John Grinder

So I begin from a point of agreement and continue to ask questions to find out what we agree on and playback all the things that we do agree on.

“Do you want to know how NLP works?”

“Yes” he replies.

“Well, I’m sure that you do think…

and when you think of the seafront at Shoreham, how do you think?” I say

“in pictures”, he responds

and when you think of writing a proposal how do you think?

“in words……”

and sometimes you think in feelings, sometimes you think in sounds….. depends on what you’re doing…….

and I’m curious, have thought what you can do with NLP…..”

Step 3: Make A Great Sales Presentation.

When they think people tend to use their senses. So when you do your sales presentation, you can use a mixture of seeing, hearing and feeling words to match the way that your prospect thinks.

“because, we always ask the participants in our workshops, why do you want to learn to use NLP to influence people….. Here are some of the answers that we get:

Improve Negotiation Skills – Hit More Objectives

Make Initial Connection – Rapid Rapport

Use Language To Encourage Response

Match Customer’s State and Lead to Where You Want To Go

Close and Say Yes

Yes By Face to Face, Email and Phone”

“When you do the right thing for the right reason you will enjoy influencing and persuading more, take the pressure off and you will be more successful…..

so, can you see yourself using some of these skills, hear the different responses that you get, how you vary your voice tone and tempo, and influence more people….. and get the response that you want…..”

Step 4: Lead Your Prospects To Make Really Great Decisions.

Your prospect has made decisions before, so you can help him or her to make another great decision.

“easily, so are you interested to…learn more…

as I’m sure that you’ve made good decisions before…
so what more can I tell you and show you…”

Step 5: Negotiate To Close More Win-Win Agreements!

As you began from a point of agreement the amount of conflict will be very low, so you will reduce the amount of negotiating that you need to do.

“….so can you see yourself on an NLP workshop and hear the sound of laughter…”

“Yes”. He said. Let’s go….

You too can use these five steps to influence more people.

Source by Graham Constantine
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