Life Coaching – Why I Hired a Life Coach to Help Me Fight the Recession and Expand My Business

Life Coaching – Why I Hired a Life Coach to Help Me Fight the Recession and Expand My Business

What Happened

When we first met my coach took the time to get to know me. She did not ask me what I wanted to accomplish or what my goals were. I thought this was a little surprising at first but I now understand why she did it. Instead of rushing in to save the day, she wanted to understand what was holding me back in life. By understanding what my struggle points were, she could better craft a plan to help me move forward.

My Search For “The One”

It took me awhile to find a life coach that I clicked with. One of the biggest criteria for me was personal responsibility. Would the coach call me back when they said they would? Would the coach follow up on a lead that I gave them telling them that I wanted to work with them? And most importantly were these coaches demonstrating in their own life the type of results I wanted? Were they happy, healthy, wealthy, were they genuinely nice people and lastly did they have great relationships in their lives?

I had also made the decision that I personally wanted to work with a woman coach because women have unique concerns that a male coach might not always take seriously or fully understand. This is in no way intended to disparage a male coach, it was just a personal preference I had at this time in my life. I have had male coaches before and they were wonderful mentors.

The “Aha Moment”

After contacting a few women life coaches that met my criteria I was getting no where with finding the coach I wanted to work with. I put the thought in the back of my mind and continued working on my different projects and goals. Then on a cruise in the Caribbean I had the good fortune to run into a friend / acquaintance that did life coaching. I was a little nervous but I asked her at dinner if she would coach me and she to my delight said yes. Earlier that week I had watched her interact with people and more importantly observed how she connected with me personally. She was warm, gracious and had built a life for herself that I wanted to emulate. She was someone I could look up to and someone I wanted to work with deeply.

The Coaching Calls

Her coaching started off at my pace and was not a preset agenda she led all her clients through. It was truly personalized and was built for me and for what I wanted. She was also accessible and responded to my questions and concerns quickly. I did not have to hunt her down and felt like I was her only client. The sessions completely focused on me and what I wanted.

Making The Decision To Hire a Coach

You have to first understand where you are and how you got there before you can really rocket yourself to success. My coach helped me see things about myself that I did not recognize. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no stranger to personal development and self-improvement materials. I am an avid reader and I personally coach people to help them reach their goals. Because of this I understand that to really get great results, I had to practice what I preach and get myself a formal life coach.

You should really sit down and think about whether or not you are hitting the goals that you set for yourself. And more importantly are you merely setting goals you think you can achieve? Your goals should be a stretch, something to reach for and challenge yourself with. Not something that you can clearly see yourself achieving. Your goals have to scare you a little bit and make you a tad nervous, otherwise you are not thinking big enough.

Trade Your Life For Something Big

Remember that you are trading your life for the goals that you set for yourself. Each day you give up should be worth it. When you look back at your life you want to see great accomplishments and a truly fulfilled life, not a life that was lived in the shadows or played safe.

Think of the type of life you really want to lead and look at how you are living now. Do you think that your current habits, actions and thoughts are congruent with what you want to create in your life? What can you do to bring those three things into alignment.

Source by Christina Helwig
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