Passion To Process To Product – Book Review

Passion To Process To Product – Book Review

By: Amanda Wells (2012)

90 Day Mastery Course

Course Price: $497 (Resources Included)

Sought-after life coach

Amanda Wells is a dynamic, powerful visionary and humanitarian. She is a successful international speaker at many levels, including corporate, political, and within the worldwide Christian community. Her books and training resources have made her a sought-after life coach. She is also an entrepreneur and successful business owner!

Create life change

Amanda Wells includes fourteen chapters to help readers to create change in their lives. She addresses the following issues: planning our lives purposefully (Ch. 1), you are who you think you are (Ch. 2), adjusting your mindsets to attract your future (Ch. 3), step into your dreams (Ch. 6), hang with positive people (Ch. 12), & more.

A passion for personal productivity

Amanda writes with a personal yet, challenging, style. Readers are confronted, relationally, to address life issues that have been put aside. She writes, “… the life you have always longed for, takes time, effort, and positive change, to create… Your destiny is not just something you fall upon, it is something you create.” Become proactive!

Bitter/sweet exhortations reflect a passion for personal productivity. Readers gain life changing encouragement and correction. Amanda asserts, “Your life is as effective and profitable as you plan it to be… You can have the talent, money and even the position, but if you lack a plan for your day and your life, you won’t achieve… “

Wells provokes with questions to inspire direction in her audience. She asks, “What do you love doing, above anything else, what is most important to you in life? What would you pay for, fight for, suffer for and die for?”

Amanda Wells uses precise terminology to illuminate concepts. In the context of dreams, she instructs, “Our dreams and vision come packaged in imagination, creativity, innovation, enterprise, inspiration, genius, brilliance, astuteness, skill and mastery.” Also, “If you stay a slave to your flaws… they… sabotage every new step you make… “

To sum up Amanda’s 90 day course, it’s all about change! She states, “Your future is hidden, its covered up and unless we take the time to uncover it, our ability, potential and power, all remain dormant… learn what’s inside… “

Towards Success

Amanda Wells, inspires and educates readers with amazing insights and proactive life challenges towards success.

Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne
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