Self Improvement is Raising Your Consciousness

Self Improvement is Raising Your Consciousness

Change. Suddenly, change is in. It is always like this in a paradigm shift. Lots of grumbling, upheaval and chaos before it shows itself. Actually, the grumbling, upheaval and chaos are purposeful to the change. Once we’ve had enough of the pain, we desire change. A fundamental NLP principle. No one changes unless the pain is too great to bear. Voila! Economic turmoil, environmental precipice, war, medical and educational fractures. What else do you need to say, enough? OK, I’ll change.

There are two views of this change that intimately apply to you. The Universal Mandate and the personal alignment with it. In other words, it’s going to happen, is happening no matter what. We are in the Cosmic Tractor Beam of Universal Consciousness and being drawn home. The direction of this trip is upward, heavenward, and it is a consciousness journey, not one of cosmic geography. Some 9 billion years ago this planet was formed, according to the Urantia Book. Depending on who you consult, this time line varies. In those early days we were passed through various stages of consciousness. Soup, algae, frogs, lemurs, plants, and eventually and suddenly self-aware human forms. We didn’t start with Harvard and Mensa, rather we were very primitive and of course, as everybody knows, we have evolved over lots of time to where we are today. Born into the Universe of Infinite Intelligence, we are on a course homeward bound to the Conscious Oneness of Source, or God.

Our written texts, Bible, Talmud, Qur’an, and other ancient texts recount similar stories of our fall out of Grace. These are the stories that describe our collectivenexperience of having been in the Consciousness of Oneness and then we were not. For as long as any of us can remember in recorded history, we have been in this consciousness of separation; fear, lack and limitations are the hallmark of this human consciousness separated from Source.

The happy news is that we are on schedule, being lifted back into Light and Life once again. This is not going to happen tomorrow, but it has begun. As with anything in the Universe, it always takes a very long time in human counting. They, of course, are in Eternity, so don’t have such a keen sense of time as we humanoids do; but make no mistake, it has begun at long last. Critical mass in human consciousness to anchor the Christed Consciousness on Earth has been reached. The awakening of mankind has begun. This is good news for everyone who has longed for Love, Peace, Truth, Joy and a happy adventure known as your life.

How do you navigate this consciousness shift? Well, as with everything on Earth, it is your choice. You can resist all the change and experience it the hard way or you can participate in it by cultivating the expansion of your own individual consciousness and enjoy the ride.

This consciousness shift is about rising above the pair of opposites to the realm of God Consciousness. There is no more them or us; this or that; but AND. It is a personal, intimate and uniquely designed journey just for you, should you choose to take it. Everything you do to expand your consciousness transforms your earthly life, for it is a journey of perspective. In the human mind perspective, we see only ourselves and at tops, two other choices or perspectives, if that. As we dwell in our Silent Mind and open the doors of our mind, we are guided from within by our own Godchip, to see a higher and higher perspective. Much as climbing a mountain, at the bottom you can’t fathom the view from the top. Once you’ve reached the top, you are stunned by the view. So is the journey in consciousness a steady parade of changes in your point of view, as you ask and open.

For you, deliberately choosing to expand your consciousness by becoming more aware, it means you release the old beliefs that hold you prisoner in pain. These beliefs were handed to us from the history of people who came before us, taught to us as “the way it is on Earth” in our process of socialization in a consciousness separated from Source. In my journey, I have realized that almost everything the humans have taught me, well meaning though they were, is 180 degrees opposite of Truth, Wisdom, Love. As you take this journey, you realize a personal freedom the likes of which you have never imagined. You are no longer threatened by the beliefs or actions of others. You realize your own personal power and sovereignty over your own life. You enjoy life and others so much more, because your happiness is no longer dependent on anything outside yourself. As to love? Ah, that’s the coolest revelation. Human love is a very pale version of Divine Love, which knocks you out.

It is not an easy journey, for if it were, everyone would have done it by now. But you can begin Now simply by asking your Self to show you the way. By declaring sincerely to yourSelf that you’re ready to know more, enjoy more, be more and love more. You renounce the pain, the fear, and limitations and are ready to embrace the fullness of your life. With that, It is begun. Your personal consciousness journey has started.

From that moment on, crank up your awareness. Watch. Don’t judge. Allow things to unfold. Follow the things that intrigue you and feel good. You’re on God’s Roller Coaster Ride. It’s an adventure, it’s personally fulfilling, and it beats anything you could ever watch on reality TV. This is Reality. Welcome Home.

Source by Kathy Kirk
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