Why Are RCFE Continuing Education Classes So Important?

Why Are RCFE Continuing Education Classes So Important?

An RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) Certification is a highly coveted designation. The RCFE is a California requirement to operate a board and care facility. Those who work in the care of the elderly in these locations need to be certified. Those who manage them will need to be as well. The manager certification is called RCFE Administrator Certification.

Due to changes in the rules and new case law, as well as making sure everyone in the sector knows and is following the rules certain RCFE on-going education is advised. It is also required by the State of California. So, exactly how much RCFE continuing education is now required?

Currently, RCFE’s ongoing education or continuing education requirements are 40-hours of ‘approved’ classes every two-years. You can do this at 20-hours each year, or 40-hours all at once, regardless, at the end of two-years you must have completed the 40-hour RCFE continuing education requirements. You might be pleased to know that half of the 40-hour requirement can be through a California State approved online study course.

If you need to look up the exact regulation and law go to California Health and Safety Code Section 1569.16.

The going rate for this ongoing RCFE continuing education is about $350 to $450 total, with most online parts coming in at just under $200.00 but it pays to shop around. It’s also wise to perhaps take more than is required number of hours so you can stay up on the rapid changes in the RCFE sector. In California, like many other parts of the country, our demographics are changing fast, so too are new developments in case law, and how the law is applied. It’s paramount to stay ahead of the curve.

Many in the industry believe that in the future the RCFE continuing education requirements will become more complex, time-consuming, and robust. Experts see the RCFE field joining the ranks of many other industries which have seen the number of required hours of on-going education increase in the last 10-years.

It’s best to book a class early because you don’t want to wait until the last minute when all the classes are filled. You end up paying an exorbitant price and have to travel well out of your area to attend classes. The online RCFE continuing education classes can be done at any time during the two-year period. So, you may as well get that done now and secure the best deal possible online.

Source by Lance Winslow
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